Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Eye-Catching Wall Murals in Cleveland, OH

If your walls could talk, what would they say? Have you ever thought about bringing them to life?

Are you in desperate need of an office makeover? Has your business recently decided to switch gears, and you need to quickly remodel and rebrand your company? Are you telling your story effectively? Or maybe you’re looking to celebrate a one-time event and need to brighten up your venue space?

If you do business in Northeast Ohio, you can benefit from wall graphics. Large format wall murals are one of the sleekest ways to redo the interior space of an office.  It’s important to identify what your business is and what it represents so that you can find a way to reflect that visually. If you’re in Northeast Ohio and want to cover your walls, reach out to us at SpeedPro Cleveland East to see how your next “silent sales person” can help you with your new look, however permanent or temporary that might be.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a full-color, high-resolution, wall-to-wall business wall mural would say!

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Vinyl Wall Murals For Businesses

If your company tends to rebrand or reconfigure the way it does business, you may consider our many removable wall mural options. On the other hand, maybe you’re preparing for a one-time event or anniversary special — you won’t want something to decorate your wall that ends up living there for months or years. SpeedPro uses a variety of adhesives to achieve the durability and longevity you desire. If you’re in search of a short-term solution, you’ll be glad to know that our temporary adhesives can last all the way up to six months.

Having wall murals in a workplace is vital for several reasons. Office wall murals offer multiple benefits for employees and clients:

  • They catch the eye: One of the virtues of office wall murals is that they grab people’s attention and don’t let go. In a neutral-toned environment of bland conference rooms and filing cabinets, colorful wall art can catch the eye in an appealing way.
  • They brighten the workplace: When you think of a stereotypical office, you probably think of blank white walls and generic furniture and decor. But it doesn’t have to be that way. An office can be a lively place full of color and engaging graphics. All you need is a mural to make your office a more vibrant place.
  • They boost employee morale: As the statistics above show, when employees have to work in drab, uninspiring workplaces, their moods tend to suffer. But an office mural can provide a much-needed boost to employee morale. A colorful and engaging mural goes a long way toward making an office a more cheerful and fun place to be.
  • They increase productivity: Statistics show that working in a space filled with art helps employees focus and connect to their work. An improved level of engagement can dramatically increase employee productivity.
  • They impress clients: No one likes to come to a business that’s drab and gloomy. Having attractive, stylish murals in your office does more than make the place look nice — it also projects an impression of professionalism and caring. When clients see that you care enough about your office space to make it look inviting, they’ll believe that you care about your clients, products and services, as well.
  • They engage clients and guests: Clients and guests need opportunities to engage with your business on many levels. If your business is a tech company, consider creating a bold office mural to illustrate your startup’s goals and vision for the future. A fun mural full of futuristic gadgets can engage with people. If your company has an environmental focus, a mural featuring a lush, green, thriving landscape could make people more invested in acting to make that future possible.
  • They create a tailored atmosphere: The beauty of custom murals is that you can design whatever you wish. You can tailor your mural to your business and clientele. If you run a dentist’s office, especially one that serves a lot of children, you could create a mural with cute animals in dental masks and chairs. If you own a local business with strong ties to the community, you could create a mural featuring scenes from the local landscape. You can also use the appeal of contrast to your benefit. If your company is a strait-laced law office, a bright, whimsical mural might be just the thing to lessen the mental load your employees carry.
  • They spark conversations: Inspiring lively communication between different teams and different people is the goal of many businesses. Having an engaging mural on hand to catch the eye and stimulate the imagination can do just that. If clients are stuck in your waiting area, instead of getting bored, they can chat with each other about the mural. If clients are new to the area, they can ask about the nearby scenes featured in a mural. Art has the ability to bring diverse people together, and companies can harness this power for their benefit, thanks to murals.
  • They can communicate information: Murals don’t have to be all whimsical landscapes and cartoon creatures. If you need your mural to communicate information, such as the specific, sustainable way your product is sourced and transported, it can do that. Using art to convey information is also likely to increase clients’ engagement with the material. So they will be more likely to retain the knowledge and comply with the rules.
  • They can advertise your brand: Murals are a great way to incorporate elements of branding and create strong positive impressions in clients’ minds. Brand advertising in a mural can be either subtle or bold. If you’re a dry-cleaning company hoping to enhance your business atmosphere by creating a colorful mural that happens to incorporate a small logo, that’s a great way to go. Or if you’re a university bookstore and you want to create a mural covered with specific school colors and themes, that could be an excellent way to promote school spirit. Either way, you’ll create a positive association with your brand, and you’ll also make your brand more memorable. These two qualities help attract and retain clients.

Wall murals grab peoples attention, and don’t let go. They are a great way to incorporate elements of branding and create strong positive impressions in clients’ minds.

Wall Mural Options

Regardless of the surface or the event, we have a solution that is right for you.

  • Removable: If you’re looking to remove these graphics from your walls and know you won’t be putting anything in their place, don’t worry. Our graphics are removable without leaving behind residue that can’t be cleanly removed. Go decal crazy! Some of the removable visual solutions provided by SpeedPro include:
  • Permanent: Some businesses may look for something slightly more permanent for their office. Our vinyl wall murals are ideal to use and display for years — the perfect trade-off for a one-time investment. The adhesives used with these permanent wall murals are made to stick and support the center of attention in your office. Printed wall murals are the perfect choice for that show-stopper look. The vinyl material will print with vivid inks and fade-resistant colors, making sure it performs well for years to come.

A printed wall mural can act as both a marketing tool and a decoration for your workspace, making both customers and employees feel more content and excited.


Wall Mural Design

You vision is the foundation of your consultation with the graphics design and visual communications studio. Additionally, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, and you don’t need a graphic design or advanced degree in fine arts to create the perfect wall mural. We have in-house designers who are excited to help to work through your project from conception to completion no matter which industry you work in.

Before And During Design Consultation

  • Dimensions of Your Wall: While it seems obvious, measure and then re-measure the dimensions of the wall segment you want the mural to fill. Note any curves or other spatial elements that will need to be factored in for the mural’s final print dimensions and tile overlap.
  • Color and Lighting: Consider how the mural will look in its environment. Natural elements like lighting and plants as well as office furniture, paint colors, wallpaper or a room’s negative space can effect a design.
  • Image and Text Ideas: Perhaps most important to communicate with the design studio are the images and text you wish to include on your office mural. These become the base behind the files you’ll need to upload on your end to create design proofs — which, in turn, become the final printed panel.

Choosing And Uploading Mural Files

  • Design Program: Generally, murals ideated and designed in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator work best before sending to the printer. Designs generated in other programs like Quark, InDesign or Corel will require extra file conversions.
  • File Type: Images saved and shared with a studio as .tiff or .eps files are your best bets for easy upload and digital-printing compatibility. While you’re likely more familiar with image files saved as .jpgs or .pdfs, these files don’t play nicely with editing software, causing problems down the road.
  • File Resolution: Your file output resolution should fall somewhere between 100 and 200 dots per inch (DPI) for the final design. Go over or under this, and you compromise the quality and readability of your murals, resulting in grainy or “bleeding” images.
  • Insider Tip — Avoid Images Found Online: Though convenient, pictures copied and pasted from the internet will not be able to be manipulated like those from a real camera. Their pixelation and digital proportions are generally not conducive to professional murals.


Wall Mural Installation

Wall graphic installation is a straightforward process that you or a team of experts will accomplish in just a few hours.

Visual communication studios can even install an office wall mural for you, with proper substrate panel mounting, smoothing and trimming to make the final mural look as seamless as possible. Installing your custom wall mural is an exciting finishing step to see your space come to life. The design ideation and work you’ve put in see fruition as a full installation on your office walls, branding your company and creating a fresh environment for all to experience.

To prepare your wall for mural installation — accomplished yourself or by SpeedPro’s installation team — make sure to check off the following steps:

  1. Plan: Before you install your wall graphics, make sure you know exactly where they will hang. If the wall has a glossy paint finish, consider adding a matte layer so the material will stick better. Place your mural image-side down on a cleared area next to your wall. If installing a large-format mural with multiple tiles, arrange the tiles on the ground in their respective mounting order.
  2. Clean: Wipe down your wall with a clean, dry cloth or a lint-free microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt. Keep an eye out for corners or crown-molding trim in particular, where residue more readily collects.
  3. Start at the top: Your decal will come with a plastic backing. Peel off a small amount from the top of the graphic, line up the adhesive side against the wall and work your way down.
  4. Remove the adhesive and mount: Slowly peel back and remove the mural’s protective lining from the adhesive one tile at a time. Use your fingers to apply pressure to stick the adhesive to the wall.
  5. Squeegee out creases: Start from the center of the image and swipe upward to the mural’s top edges. Repeat the same motion symmetrically, this time starting in the center but smoothly applying pressure downward.
  6. Remove the backing: When you reach the bottom of the vinyl, finish removing the backing. Wipe down the mural with a warm, damp cloth to help seal the bond underneath. If your mural meets a floor that receives regular mopping or cleanings, protecting the image from water damage with a sealant is critical.

For even more details and information on lasting wall graphic installation, check out “How Do I Prepare Interior Walls for Graphics?” under Installing Graphics on our resource page.

Click the videos below to see a time lapse of the installation process.

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