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Winning The Trade Show

OCTOBER 21, 2019| SpeedPro Cleveland East



In the second installment of our Roadmap To a Successful Trade Show Series, we are focusing on how to maximize your opportunities at the event.


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One of the biggest challenges for trade shows is defining the success of the show. As you approach the date(s) of the trade show, something that should be high on your priority list is determining how to best capitalize on the event. In the initial phases of your trade-show planning, you should create a follow-up cadence for any qualified leads you find at the event. You should then decide what your target will be as far as how many leads you receive, how many appointments resulted from the trade show, how many orders were placed, etc. 

Obviously, there are a number of variables that go into determining whether or not you can reasonably expect to hit the targets that you’ve set. Most of these variables lead back to proper preparation for the upcoming trade show. Things you’ll want to keep into consideration as your next trade show approaches include how you’ll attract visitors to your booth, how you should engage them while at your booth and how you’ll continue the rapport with your new prospects after the trade show concludes. 

Take a look at the tips below to find more details on how to make the absolute most out of your next trade show appearance.


  • Staffing and Assigning Roles at the Trade Show
    There’s no second chance to make a good first impression. Not only is this a fact of life, it’s also a fact when it comes to your trade show staff. It’s imperative not only to know how many people to send, but also to know who will be responsible for what throughout the event. Make sure your staff is well-prepared for the trade show by properly communicating your expectations and by providing training for the big day. For example, if there’s someone particularly outgoing attending the show, perhaps they should be the host for the booth. Dividing responsibilities and roles can certainly help ease any pressure that comes with a long day of presenting new products and services. Also, having a staff with a diverse skill set present will ensure that anyone interested in learning more about your Company’s goods and services will receive the proper follow-up.

  • Identifying and Building a Rapport with Key Prospects & Following Up
    One of the biggest benefits of trade shows is the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with prospects that might have a pressing need for a product or service your Company can offer. When you meet with a prospect, make sure roles amongst your team during the meeting are clearly established. Having clearly identified roles during a presentation or meeting will help ensure that the message your Company is trying to convey will be well received by your prospect. This is also serves as an additional reminder on the importance of properly staffing a trade show event. Whether you have preset meetings or casual conversations, it is always a good idea to have a follow-up process in place, after the show. This is especially the case for anyone that gave indications they might be interested in your business.

  • Preparing Trade Show Marketing Collateral
    Aside from your physical trade show display and your staff, the marketing collateral you bring to the trade show plays a big role in helping your brand stand out from the crowd. Some ideas that go beyond the standard ink pen or notepad include Company-branded fact sheets or brochures that give some insight into the solutions your Company has to offer. Another idea would be to bring along any sign-up or order taking forms which would help accelerate the process of closing business deals while at the trade-show. This will inevitably help to provide some of the results that we all look for when attending trade shows. Additionally, you would also want to include any material such as a business card that would make it easy for your prospective clients to get back in touch with you if they choose. Having these types of materials on hand at the trade show also helps make a strong impression on those you’ll come in contact with on trade show day due to the fact that you’ll appear prepared and ready to take care of business.

  • Proper Set-Up of Trade Show Display and Graphics
    No matter how much time you spend designing and selecting your trade-show graphics, if your display isn’t set up properly, you risk jeopardizing the entire event. When staffing for the event, ensure there are members who are comfortable with setting up the display at the beginning of the trade show and with taking the graphics down once the event ends. The best way to make a good impression is with well-constructed trade show graphics and a friendly, outgoing, engaging staff at the booth. Additionally, take into consideration any upgrades or nice-to-haves you’d like to feature at your booth. For example, one idea that might be worthwhile is upgrading your carpet. Sometimes, its common to find booths offer snacks or drinks throughout the show. Taking the effort to add a personalized touch could go a long way in creating a great first impression.



With the upcoming trade-show season rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking through some of the challenges that come with preparing for trade-shows or any other upcoming events. With that in mind, consider  contacting the experts at SpeedPro Imaging Cleveland East as your strategic visual communications partners dedicated to providing you with the trade-show results you desire. If you’re currently in the process of planning your next trade show, contact us today to find out how we can take your trade show results from good to great this season.

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