Benefits of Feather Flags

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Benefits of Feather Flags

When they think of business signage, many people think of stationary wall signs, pole signs or hanging signs. But did you know that custom flags are a fantastic form of business signage too?

For any business, visibility is crucial. No one can come to buy your products, no matter how excellent they are, if they don’t know what your business is or where to find it. Studies have shown that almost half of consumers have mistakenly driven by a business because its inadequate signage meant they couldn’t find it on the street.

No business can afford to lose potential clients in this way. Fortunately, banners and flags provide a wonderful way to make the exterior of a business fun, inviting and impossible to miss.

Printed banners and flags, especially bright and versatile feather flags, are a great, cost-effective way to promote your business by making it more visible and attractive to consumers. Learn more about the benefits of business feather flags and how they can help your marketing efforts.


Feather flags have a unique design that makes them particularly suitable for advertising a business’s brand or message. Typically, feather flags consist of a fabric strip printed either on one side for budget-friendliness or both sides for added visibility. The strip slips over a flagpole that is mounted to a sturdy base. The top and bottom of the flag are curved, creating an attractive feather shape that pleases the eye and grabs attention.

The design of feather flags lends itself well to marketing for several reasons.

First, the flagpole rotates with ease. In the wind, it can swivel in all directions, proudly displaying your logo or message for the world to see. Second, the flag fabric itself stretches taut. So no matter how the wind blows and the flagpole turns, your message will be visible to passersby. Third, with fabric printed on both sides, your flag will be readable from more than one direction at a time. This double-sided printing helps you get your message out to the world.

Flags can be appealing to all demographics

Fourth, flags offer a fun, almost carnival-like appeal that can be attractive to all demographics. Other types of advertising can feel overbearing, but flags are fun to see. This dynamic visual appeal creates a positive association with your message that will be hard for potential clients to ignore. Finally, feather flags have some serious height. At SpeedPro, our tallest feather flags are more than 18 feet in height. This advantage makes them visible for yards around, so you can spread your message far and wide.

Feather flags come in a variety of fun colors and sizes. And their different whimsical shapes add to their appeal:

  • Classic feather flags: A feather flag has a straight body shape, but its top and bottom curve like the tips of feathers. Though the flags have a balanced, appealing curved shape, feather flags do not taper dramatically. They provide a substantial surface area where you can display your logo or message.
  • Teardrop feather flags: As its name suggests, a teardrop feather flag looks like an upside-down teardrop. It is plump and rounded at the top and tapers to a point at the bottom. The flagpole for this style is longer and curves over the entire top of the flag, following the teardrop shape. The construction allows for greater stability. Teardrop flags will not flutter as much in the wind and their surface area is a little smaller than that of classic feather flags.
  • Straight and edge flags: A straight flag has a feather-shaped top and a rectangular bottom, whereas an edge flag is a simple rectangle. Both of these flag types offer a large surface area. They tend to flutter a bit more in the wind than classic feather flags, though, and this fluttering can occasionally obscure the flag’s design or message.

Feather flags also have different base style options for various uses:

  • Ground stakes: Feather flags for outdoor use often have flagpoles with stakes that push into the ground. The benefit of this type of stake is its simplicity. Just stick it into the ground, and your feather flag is secure and ready to go.
  • Augur stakes: An augur stake screws into the soil rather than sliding in. This construction adds an extra layer of stability to keep your feather flag securely anchored.
  • Stackable bases: These convenient bases can stack on top of one another, allowing you to change the height of your feather flag by adding or taking away a base. They are made of durable, sturdy plastic to hold your flag in place securely. You can also fill the bases with materials like sand or water for added weight and stability.
  • Drive-over bases: These bases are long and flat so that the weight of a vehicle parked near the feather flag can secure it. You can place your feather flag in its base and then drive a vehicle up to the flag, so that a tire sits on top of the base, keeping it in place. One benefit of this type of base is that it doesn’t have a spike to displace any soil or vegetation. The heaviness of the vehicle also makes for a very secure anchor for the flag.
  • Fillable bases: Fillable bases are shaped a bit like tires. These solid, sturdy cylindrical plastic bases contain a hole for the flagpole to poke through. You can fill them with sand or water to add weight to keep the feather flag in place.
  • Steel square bases: These bases consist of a steel square with a screw that screws securely into the flagpole. These bases are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Cross bases: These bases consist of two secure, durable crosspieces with a screw to hold the flagpole in place. These bases are also great for indoor and outdoor use. Using a water-filled ring with these bases is a smart way to add extra weight for stability.


Uses of Feather Flags

Feather flags make great advertising and marketing tools. They have a variety of uses:

  • Outside a business: Using marketing flags outdoors is an exceptionally sound strategy. Color-coordinated feather flags look great flapping outside a store or another business. If people are shopping down the street or doing errands on the other side of a parking lot, flags outside a neighboring business are impossible to miss. And feather flags’ cheerful colors and tailored messages can quickly draw clients in.
  • At a fair or festival: Feather flags are ideal for use at a fair or festival. Their bright colors and dynamic motion will fit right in with any festival atmosphere. Tall, vibrant feather flags are the perfect way to make sure your business doesn’t get lost in a crowd of similar-looking stalls.
  • With a booth: If your business has a booth at a convention, you can use feather flags there to make it stand out. Since they are so light, portable and easy to assemble, feather flags are easy to transport to a one-day event.
  • With a promotion: If your business has a sale or special offer going on, using feather flags to tell to the public helps to spark people’s curiosity. Flyers are easy to ignore or toss in the garbage, but attractive, cheery feather flags are more likely to catch the eye and pique interest.
  • At an open house: If your real estate agency is holding a big open house, feather flags will help make the location stand out. A small sign in the yard is helpful, but feather flags are much more visible and can broadcast information about the event to a wider audience.
  • At a grand opening: If your business is just opening, or just opening a new location, what better way to advertise to new clients than with bold, fluttering feather flags? Feather flags are large enough to be seen from far and wide and can convey a clear and appealing message. If you need grand opening flag banners, eye-catching feather flags make a great choice.
  • To complement a traditional marketing campaign: Traditional marketing is beneficial, but it has its limitations. It’s easy for consumers to block ads, change the radio station, toss aside flyers and ignore billboard messages. But colorful, appealing marketing flags are another story. They can spark clients’ curiosity and entice them to come in and learn more about your business.
  • To enhance brand awareness and association: Brand awareness and association are essential for any business. If your business has an immediately recognizable logo or appearance, people will be quick to recall it and think of you when they need the services you provide. And if members of the public associate your brand with positive qualities, they are much more likely to patronize your business. Feather flags can help with both brand awareness and brand association. Color, in particular, has been shown to enhance brand awareness by up to 80%. Colorful branded feather flags provide high visibility for your marketing and help associate your business with vibrancy and whimsical appeal.


Feather flags are incredible affordable.

Feather flags offer numerous benefits for the companies that use them:

  • Custom design options: Feather flags are fully customizable. They come in different heights — ours range from under five feet to more than 18 — so you can maximize visibility with a tall flag or squeeze into a tight space with a small one. They come with a variety of bases optimized for indoor or outdoor use. And our wide range of colors and custom printing allows you to turn any graphic or message into an attractive feather flag for all to see.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Though feather flags are high-quality products, they are incredibly affordable. The fabric and printing costs are reasonable, and the flagpole adds little expense. Feather flags are an excellent option that works with any budget.
  • Lightweight construction: Feather flags are lightweight, so they are easy to transport and install. They are mostly made of fabric, which provides a considerable amount of visible surface area without too much weight.
  • Minimal space requirements: Feather flags are tall so they offer a tremendous amount of surface area and visibility for your printed message. But because they are slender, they have a tiny footprint. You can squeeze feather flags into tight spaces, like a strip of grass or an unoccupied corner, without impeding foot traffic or crowding your space.
  • Easy assembly: Feather flags are supremely easy to assemble. All you need to do is to slip the fabric flag over the flagpole and secure it in place. This easy assembly means you won’t have to spend precious minutes scrambling to put the flag together. You won’t become frustrated trying to put together complicated pieces. In a few minutes, you can have your flag assembled, and get on with your day.
  • Eye-catching appearance: Feather flags are vibrant and attractive, and they can’t help but draw the eye. The variety of bold color options available means you can put out flags in a variety of attractive styles. Feather flags also flap and swing in the breeze, creating a dynamic, colorful spectacle. They will make passersby of all ages smile and will entice them to come and check out your business.
  • Portability: Feather flags are extremely portable. Their lightweight construction is a huge asset here. They are easy to carry, and they are also easy to disassemble, so you can roll up the flag, stow the flagpole and quickly be on your way. If you need to set up an eye-catching booth for a temporary event, portable feather flags are an excellent way to go.
  • Easy wash and care requirements: Feather flags are easy to wash and care for. You can spot-clean them by hand and hang them up to dry, or you can put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Your flags will be looking good as new in no time.
  • All-season durability: Feather flags are weatherproof in standard weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or sleeting or if the sun is beating down — feather flags can endure all temperatures and weathers. Of course, in extreme weather conditions like thunderstorms and blizzards, it’s always a good idea to bring your flags inside to protect them from damage. But a little bit of rain or snow will roll right off.


Working with a professional design team like SpeedPro Cleveland West offers several unique advantages:

  • Knowledge and expertise: Our design and printing staff have years of expertise and a wealth of industry knowledge. So you’ll always get high-quality flags designed to your precise specifications.
  • Quick turnaround: Our printing services offer a speedy turnaround for all products, including feather flags.
  • Consultation services: Our experienced designers are happy to offer consultation services and answer any questions you have about your project. They can help you choose the materials and design specifications that will work best for your needs and budget.
  • Friendly, professional customer service: If you have questions or need to change your order, our friendly, helpful staff members are here to assist you. They care about your business, branding strategy and vision and want to make sure you get the perfect product every time.
  • Customization options: Our state-of-the-art printing services mean no design is too complicated to print on your flag. We also offer custom color matching so that your new flags will coordinate seamlessly with other props or marketing materials you have.


Marketing your business should be easy, inexpensive and fun. Feather flags are all three.

SpeedPro Cleveland West is a national leader in creating all types of printed materials, including custom marketing flags. We’ve been in business for years, and our friendly, professional staff members have years of expertise in the business. We are happy to answer your questions and work with your team to design the custom outdoor flags that will work best for you.

Contact us today to get started!

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