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Events always build a hype around them that ensures a lot of fun. But you may be asking yourself how a corporate event can be just as exciting as a sports game or concert. Believe it or not, business events don’t have to be all business!

A large part of what makes concerts and sports games so exciting is more than just the event itself. It’s everything that surrounds the event, like taking your first step into the stadium or finding the best concession stand to buy popcorn from or watching people participate in a challenge just outside the gates.

You can bring a similar level of excitement to your corporate event. If you’re living in the Cleveland area, contact our studio today, and we’ll customize your event with some corporate event graphics that match your brand!

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Set Your Event With Style Using Corporate Event Graphics

A successful corporate event should emphasize fun and entertaining elements, but it also needs to highlight your brand.

Our task is to determine how we can recreate your brand in a visual form. The options for setting up a corporate event are endless. Countless design elements, features and displays that can contribute to the marketing aspect and overall environment. A few of our graphic designs for events include:

  • Backlit graphics
  • Banners
  • Directional signage
  • Floor decals
  • Retractable banners
  • Wall murals
  • Window graphics

When walking toward the event, one of the first things guests will see is banners. Whether you string a banner across a street to advertise in advance or hang them from lamp posts surrounding the road, these offer perfect opportunities to brand your business. You can go with a color scheme on these banners or decide on a brand-specific graphic.

Banners can also be used inside your event location. They can line the halls and dress up high ceilings. Retractable banners can be placed in front of the entrance as well as close to registration tables, clearly marking spots. Whether you use them to match what is hanging outside or to reflect pertinent facts about your business is up to you!

Directional signage can be the main highlight of your event if it’s done right. These are the signs that will help guests through the parking zones so that they can enter and leave without confusion. Include signs outside to direct people toward the entrances available for guests, and then guide them further inside to the correct registration desk or set-up table.

Branding these signs with elements of your business will tie the event together, creating a welcoming and calming experience. You can also use directional signage to alert guests where specific presentations are being held and where the bathrooms are.

Choose SpeedPro Cleveland West for Event Graphic Designs You’ll Love

If you’re looking to transform your next corporate event into a stunning and memorable experience, allow us to help set up your custom event graphics. Our studio is open to businesses in the metropolitan area and western suburbs of Cleveland as well as Lorain County. Contact us today so that we can get a consultation set up to learn more about your branding needs!

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