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If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition and bring more attention to your business, consider adding some custom business banners to the inside and outside of your building! Bright, vivid inks can catch the eye while bold graphics will intrigue the viewer to learn more. In addition, your banner will be made with durability in mind, ensuring you can keep and reuse it.

Companies and organizations located in Fountain Valley and around the coast of Orange County are invited to reach out to our studio today. Stylize your brand and business to keep all eyes on you!

Durable, Versatile and Stunning Business Banners

With durability in mind, SpeedPro Imaging Coastal OC creates vinyl banners that are long-lasting. The thicker material that’s attributed to vinyl allows the banner to last throughout conditions that can be hardened by the weather. Fade-resistant inks add to the durability, making sure the color stays and lasts to match the integrity of your banner.

At SpeedPro, we also value versatility as a featured characteristic of our business banners. Set up your banner in multiple settings to increase the visibility of your brand. Retractable banners are perfect for display by your reception desk or in your lobby area. They can also be rolled or transported outside onto the sidewalk, greeting customers at your outdoor event or encouraging people to walk inside. Even hanging banners can easily move around your office, finding different poles to hang from.

With durability and versatility in mind, SpeedPro can provide you with custom vinyl banners that create a stunning visual impact!

Printing and Displaying Custom Banners

If there’s anything you should know about SpeedPro, it’s that we provide customizable and adaptable options catered to you and your brand. That’s why we print our banners onto vinyl and offer a variety of banner types! Choose from scrim, smooth, mesh and blackout to meet all the visibility needs of your business.

One of our most popular options is scrim, as it features both lightweight and thin materials. A scrim banner might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a banner you can feature for a small amount of time, store away and bring out later at another time. Trade shows are perfect examples! Keep a vinyl banner on display for your show, and reuse it so that you don’t have to invest in a new banner for each showing.

Blackout banners are another popular option for outdoor events. With a thin barrier inside, these double-sided banners will be on perfect display. The barrier inside blocks out extreme sunlight and harsh artificial lighting, making sure you can easily read the sides of a banner without any interference.

Another great outdoor type is mesh. If you’re afraid winds or sea breeze might affect the durability of your banner, request to print onto mesh! Our mesh material allows for up to 70 percent air flow, reducing the risk of any extreme wind damage your banner might incur. Protect your marketing materials — and your brand!

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If you’re ready to brand your business on a new, vivid and bright level, now’s the time for some visually stunning banners. Call us today, and we’ll set up a consultation to discuss your branding needs!


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