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Elevator Wraps in Fountain Valley

Elevator doors are more useful than just keeping guests on the lift safe and secure. They can be powerful marketing tools, whether you hold an elevator in your building or not. Have you ever been visiting somewhere out of town and read about a nearby attraction or local business as you were waiting for the elevator? You can use this effective tactic yourself.

At SpeedPro Coastal OC, we’ll provide you with elevator door wraps and skins that are perfectly detailed to emphasize your branded message. We’re a nationwide company focused on creating and designing personalized large-format graphics for a number of companies and organizations.

If you’re ready to add a new advertising method to your campaign, reach out to our studio today. We work with companies all around Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and Garden Grove.

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What Are Custom Elevator Graphics?

Think of your new elevator door graphics as a “visual impact on the move.” Not only do the elevator doors literally move, but you’ll catch the eye of people who are also on the move throughout their daily lives. You can even expand your business beyond your immediate area — with visitors and tourists coming through public spaces, people might take note of your company and spread your news in a different city from yours — perhaps even a new country.

Any people you do reach with your elevator door skins are likely to remember your business into the future.

Elevator door skins are printed onto vinyl, ensuring your message will survive an elevator door’s heavy use over time. You can choose which type of vinyl you need for your branding as well as which adhesive to pair it with. Two popular types of vinyl include calendar and cast, both with varying strengths and qualities. You might be interested in a permanent adhesive for the most impact and fullest coverage, a semi-permanent adhesive or one that allows you to remove and replace often. The choice is up to you, and our team is here to help.

The location of your elevator is also an essential factor in creating the best design for your brand. If you have an elevator in your building, there’s a good chance that people passing through already know about you as a company. This situation is where you can begin promoting specific products or services they might want to try out. However, if you’re advertising on an elevator in a nearby shopping mall or the adjacent parking garage, use these areas to convince passersby to come through your office and see what you have to offer.

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Are you ready to add a new dimension to your branding scheme? Think it’s time to engage the hundreds of people who walk by your office or building every day? If so, contact our studio today so that we can set up a consultation appointment to begin discussing your possibilities with elevator door wraps.

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