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As the winter holidays get closer, people are getting ready to spend. During the 2020 holiday season, it’s estimated that the average person will spend $997.79 on purchases such as gifts, decorations and food. More people than in years past plan on doing a lot of their holiday shopping online, either having items delivered right to their homes or going to a store for curbside pick-up.

It’s more important than ever that your company impress during the holiday season, convincing people who might otherwise simply pass by to drop into your establishment. Specialty graphics can help you share the joy and love this holiday season while promoting your company’s sales and other special offers. As you gear up for the holidays, here are a few ways to use graphics to make your business stand out.


For many shoppers, visiting large department stores in cities like New York and checking out the elaborate, holiday-themed window displays at those stores is a yearly tradition. Since fewer people might be making the trek to the big city to look at store displays this year, it can be up to you to bring those festive displays to them.

You can use retail window graphics to create a holiday display in your storefront window. Custom window graphics give you the chance to tell an engaging holiday story to people who might pass by. The graphics can also make your company’s storefront a destination. Once people get to the store to see the window display, they are likely to stop in and see what you have to offer.

Along with using window graphics solely for design purposes, you can also use them to convey important information. If you’re holding a big sale or offering a discount in the run-up to the holiday, hang up a window cling that advertises the sale or discount. Another option is to use window clings and graphics to let customers know about your updated business hours for the holiday season.


Whether your business is located on a street in the downtown area of your city, in a shopping mall or in an outdoor shopping plaza, your goal is to get people in the door, during the holiday season and year-round. One way to convince passersby to check out your company is to make them feel welcome and encouraged to drop in.

A-frame signs, set up on the street or sidewalk just outside of your business, can convince people to stop in. You can display signs during the holidays that promote a sale you have going on. Ideally, the signs will be attention-grabbing and visible even when people are at a distance. For the most effective signs, make the most important information the easiest to see. If you’re offering a specific discount, make that the biggest feature of the sign. It can read “20% Off!” using a large font, for example.

An A-frame sign in front of your entrance can be a good way to get people to come in even if you aren’t running a special holiday promo. Sometimes, all it takes is a little humor and some cute or catchy graphics. You can print a pun about your company’s product on the sign to make people chuckle and to increase their interest. Another option is to make a promise on the sign. You might not be offering a discount, but you could be offering anyone who comes in a free holiday gift, candy bar or other treat.

Set up point-of-purchase displays


Is your company selling new products just for the holidays? Maybe you have a special offer that runs through the season. One way to get people to notice it is to set up point-of-purchase (POP) displays featuring eye-catching graphics. The location of the POP display can also help it stand out.

For example, if your company has introduced a new, limited edition product for the holiday season, such as a specialty coffee roast or a new makeup palette in seasonal colors, a stand-alone display near the checkout registers or front and center, right when customers enter, can get their attention. The POP display can feature signs that identify the new product as well as graphics that detail its uniqueness. If you have a celebrity spokesperson for the product, you can set up a life-size cut-out of them as part of the POP display.

Although POP displays can be big and bold, they don’t have to be. You can also use smaller POP displays, such as a postcard-size sign attached to the shelf next to or in front of a holiday product. At the cash register, a small POP display can promote items that fall into the impulse buy category, such as holiday candies, lip balms or magazines.


For the 2020 holiday season, visiting Santa at the mall or during a community event will be a slightly different event, usually contactless and masked. Your company can also offer a creative twist on the traditional holiday photo op by hanging up a festive backdrop and encouraging people to take their photos in front of it.

For example, you can set up a backlit graphics display with a photo of Santa Claus or another festive holiday image printed on it. Customers can pose in front of the display, capturing their own holiday memories.

Offering people the chance to make fun holiday photos for free will foster feelings of goodwill in them. Even if they aren’t already regular customers, they might be more inclined to check out what you have to offer.


If you own a cafe or restaurant, then you’re most likely familiar with the use of tabletop menus to promote specials and promotions. This holiday season, the use of table toppers is even more critical, as restaurant staff seek to cut down on contact with customers. You can use table toppers to highlight new menu items. You can also use table coverings that include all of your establishment’s menu choices. When the menu options are directly on the table, you don’t have to use throw-away menus or worry about washing menus between guests.

Another way to encourage contactless ordering and to promote your restaurant or cafe’s holiday specials is to use contactless signage. People point their smartphone cameras at a barcode or QR code on your sign and can quickly see what your specials are, as well as what your regular menu options are.


Whether you’re looking to wow passersby and brighten people’s days with a festive window display or want a touch-free way to promote holiday specials and new menu offerings, SpeedPro can help. We’ll work with you to help you create attention-grabbing holiday graphics that can increase your holiday revenue. To learn more, get in touch with us at 423.415.0780.

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