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When you walk by a building, your peripheral view is naturally drawn to take in whatever is floating on the outskirts of your vision. Naturally, this will lead you to check outdoors and windows, the features of buildings that tend to stick out from the background. When your eye floats over a window, you’ll probably wonder what lies behind it.

However, what happens when there is nothing extraordinary about the window display? If it’s just a blank window, will your brain and eyes work to dismiss it as background noise that’s not worth checking out?

If you’re thinking it’s time to redo your business window graphics and feel afraid of being skipped over because of an aesthetic that’s less than eye-catching, SpeedPro Costa Mesa can help you. Our team of design and marketing professionals can turn your dull and outdated business window displays into a visual storefront that can lead to excitement, wonder and curiosity in customers. Let’s get started today!

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Indoor and Outdoor Transformation With Custom Window Graphics

Both outdoor and indoor custom window graphics will help to create the atmosphere you and your customers want most.

Exterior windows play a huge role in inviting a person to give your window and storefront a second or third glance. This person can quickly become a customer just by you piquing their interest to make them want to come inside. Window graphics for businesses can provide anyone walking by with information about your business while also promoting current products or upcoming sales.

The windows and glass surfaces inside your office also play an important role in keeping customers interested in your business. You want to create a consistent atmosphere so that there’s no disruption between the outdoor experience and the indoor one. By continuing to brand your business with the same visuals — featured products, branded logos and more — you’ll ensure that your customers will be walking around feeling welcome and not distant.

Enhance Your Business Window Graphics for Higher Success Rates

SpeedPro Costa Mesa offers a few different business window graphics options, including:

  • Frosted window graphics
  • Perforated window film
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Window clings

Vinyl lettering allows you to brand your business’s name with typography instead of a particular image. Doing so places an emphasis on the way your name appears in writing, and that in itself can be a look people will recognize and associate with your company. Our team will assist you in choosing the right font for your organization so that you don’t accidentally promote your professional office with a font often linked to child-friendly services.

Window clings offer a perfect opportunity for businesses that use their storefront windows to display promotional material. For example, if you run a clothing store, you’ll probably feature sales every two weeks or so. Being able to apply a window cling for a short amount of time, remove it with no leftover residue and replace it with another promotional graphic will save you and your coworkers time and stress. It’s the perfect option for temporary signage!

Business Window Displays by SpeedPro Costa Mesa

Business window graphics can display your brand to people walking by and give your building color and life. If you’d like to add graphics to your windows or update what’s already there, call us today! Schedule a consultation and get some new storefront window displays as soon as possible.


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