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How Can You Update Your Office Space Without a Huge Remodel?

MAY 29, 2020| SpeedPro Dayton


While there are many factors that affect employee engagement at work, a positive work atmosphere can have a huge impact on employee productivity.  One of the top ways to improve the work atmosphere and improve employee happiness is through good interior design.  With over 70 percent of Employees in the United States not engaged at work, it is extremely important to find ways to increase and maintain that employee engagement at work.

Not only can interiors affect employee engagement, it has also been proven to influence their wellness and mental mood.  Offices with bare blank walls can negatively impact an employee’s mental mood.  Unique art, graphics, and signage can help to lower levels of stress and restore mental energy levels.

Why Remodel?

To visually make over an office, people often think that it means doing a complete remodel of the office, but don’t consider the cost.  The average cost of an office remodel is nearly $200 per sq ft.  That means for a space that is just 10 by 10 you could be spending up to $20,000.


Finding a good graphics company can be an alternative to brightening your work space without a huge price tag.  There are a few ways SpeedPro Dayton can help to brighten up your office and improve morale.


There are countless options for architectural finishes that replicate woods, stones, and metals.  SpeedPro Dayton can create stunning looks that can quickly and affordably transform your workspace.

Over the past several years glass offices and finishes have become increasingly popular in office work spaces.  While glass can add a sleek and modern look to an office, you can further increase the look by using glass finishes.  Glass finishes can add privacy, create branding, or even add decorative texture to the glass.

2. Interior Signage

Dimensional interior signage can add another element to the overall look of your  office.  Dimensional signage combines branding with elements of interior design to create an atmosphere in the office that has consistent branding throughout.  Pieces can be made from acrylic, metal, wood, or foamcore and can last for years.  These branding elements help to build excitement among employees for new product offerings, the company’s vision, or even the companies everyday projects.

SpeedPro Dayton uses industry leading technology and materials, coupled with expert advice to create high quality and durable products that will make a huge impact on your office space.


Environmental graphics serve to create an interesting an immersive space for employees to work and collaborate.  From wall murals and art to full wall mission and vision statements, environmental graphics can add a finishing touch to the office and become a focal point of the space.  These graphics can be used to inspire employees and give them a sense of pride around their work.


SpeedPro Dayton can help to refresh your office interiors through Architectural Graphics, Interior Signage, and Environmental Graphics.  These are cost effective ways to completely transform the office and help to increase employee engagement.

If you choose to partner with SpeedPro Dayton, we guarantee that you will received the highest quality graphics and experience that result in a stunning vision of your workplace.


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