Tents and booths are versatile assets you should use at any parade or event. They are customizable, transportable and easy to assemble. Whether you’re looking to use them for marketing a sponsor or sheltering participants, they are an essential part of any parade. Custom event tents are a great way to:

  • Showcase logos and sponsors: Custom tents allow you to showcase any logos or sponsors for the parade. If you place a custom tent at the entrance or exit of your parade, you can guarantee that almost every person attending the parade will stop or pass by the tent at some point.
  • Check-in participants: Custom tents are also a great way to check-in any participants in the parade. You can use it to promote your sponsors, while also expediting the check-in process.
  • Shelter awards or judges: Once you’re done checking everyone in, you can easily transport a custom tent to the end of the parade route. There, you can use it to shelter awards or judges until the parade ends.


To create the best possible experience for your participants, guests and advertisers, you’ll need to use custom parade banners, flags and signs throughout the parade. You can use these tools to increase revenue by offering your advertisers a full range of options. When sponsors can choose how and where their logo will appear, they are more likely to purchase advertising space. You can also use them to create a colorful, exciting atmosphere for the audience. To create a well-decorated parade, you’ll need:

  • Banners: To promote your event in neighboring towns, put up banners in high-traffic areas. A custom parade banner is also a great way to indicate the beginning or end of the route.
  • Flags: Eye-catching flags can serve as an outline for the parade route. You can also customize them with any sponsors or logos.
  • Signs: A well-designed sign can be an invaluable tool at any parade. You can use them to advertise, give directions or indicate a location.


Whether you’re looking to sell advertising space or add an eye-catching addition to the parade, custom vehicle wraps are another fantastic parade option. Wrapping a car is a simple, affordable process that is also completely reversible. It doesn’t take long to apply a full or partial vehicle wrap, and once it’s on, it can last up to five years. You can take it off at any time with no damage to the underlying paint job.

Wraps can either cover an entire vehicle or just a small portion. They are typically made from high-quality vinyl and are completely customizable, so you can get any color, shape or look you want. The customizable aspect of wraps is especially appealing to advertisers. For a modest price, they can completely change the look of a car or add a simple logo.

You can also use vehicle wraps for advertising the parade itself or creating a stunning addition to the lineup. Wraps can turn any dull car into the centerpiece of the procession.


If you think you can’t use floor graphics because your parade is outside, think again. You can safely use graphics created explicitly for concrete and asphalt. To make the most out these graphics:

  • Use bold arrow signage to help participants navigate before, during and after the parade. Sometimes, traditional directional signs aren’t enough to ensure people know where to go. To make sure people can find their way around in even the most crowded areas, use concrete and asphalt graphics throughout the parade grounds. You can use them to indicate to people how to get to the parade and how to get back to their car when it’s over.
  • Have “best viewing” spots on the route marked for viewers. Everyone at the parade wants to get the best possible view, especially if they have small children with them. By offering the attendees “best viewing” signs on the ground, you can take the guesswork out of finding the perfect spot.
  • Offer concrete advertising options for sponsors for sidewalk spots along the route. Concrete and asphalt graphics are also an excellent opportunity to offer your sponsors advertising space. Most people are already looking at their phones, so why not grab their attention while they’re looking down?

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