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Recognizing the accomplishments of people who are important to you has always been a big part of our culture.  The traditional way to recognize accomplishments through group gatherings and parties has obviously been drastically affected by the current global pandemic.  So… what now?  How can we continue to recognize the importance of those people closest to us?

For many people in our local community, the answer has been a simple sign.

Why use signs to show recognition?

Signs are an easy and inexpensive way to recognize people important to you.  Using a recognition sign not only recognizes people among your group of family and friends, but can also celebrate their accomplishments to a broader group of people.

Consider 2020 graduating seniors that were unable to have a graduation, let alone the typical large party celebrating their accomplishments that accompanies a graduation.  While there is no substitute for celebrating with family and friends, recognition signs can be an easy alternative for showcasing accomplishments.

Types of Signs

There are many types of signs that can be used to show recognition of accomplishments and they all have one thing in common… They are displayed outdoors.  Displaying the signs outdoors will give you the most bang for your buck and allows you to broadcast to your entire community.

Yard Signs

There is no doubt you have seen yard signs used before in applications such as political campaigns.  This is because yard signs are highly visible and relatively inexpensive.  The benefit of this is that it allows you to customize signs for individuals rather than use just one sign for a group.

Consider using yard signs to recognize graduating seniors or individual health care workers who are working on the frontlines within their community.


Banners can be great as a standalone display to recognize a group or can be used in addition to yard signs to make a full display.  The big benefit of using banners is that they can be made to virtually any size and can easily grab attention of anyone passing by.  Banners are a wonderful option for organizations looking to recognize all members in a big way!


Flags are a more unique option that can be quite fun.  Flags tend to grab attention extremely well.  Flags can be used a standalone display or can line the street in a series of words or images.  They can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes and can use an organizations color scheme and branding to create a message that will be sure to reach the community!

Window Displays

Window Displays and Decals are a perfect option if the message is going to be used as part of your business or store front.  The display could range from a small decal thanking employees to a larger display incorporating banners and signs.  Window displays are a great option when you want to showcase gratitude or accomplishments to your customer base.


Wall murals are the best option when looking for a large permanent display option.  Nothing grabs attention quite a like a bold colorful mural.  Murals can be placed on almost any surface using various printed substrates and media.  When you want your message to be bold and grab attention permanently, there is no better option than a wall mural.

Let us help you recognize important people in your life

We have been printing recognition signs for years and would love to help you recognize the important people in your lift.  Contact us today to speak about any of your signage needs!


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