While the happy couple is glowing, their graphics can be too. Also called lightboxes, backlit graphics layer custom printed fabric over a frame lined with LED lights, creating a backlit effect that illuminates your custom graphic.

Backlit graphics are exceptionally elegant and stand out, especially during an evening wedding with dim mood lighting. They can also serve as a beautiful focal point for outdoor receptions after dark. You can use backlit graphics to welcome guests into the ceremony or into the reception venue or simply to celebrate the couple’s union with their names and the date.

You can even use the same backlit frame and change out the fabric graphic to repurpose the display for the reception. Backlit displays are lightweight, making them easy to move from the ceremony to the reception location. When you’re looking for a way to wow guests, backlit graphics are an excellent option.


What would a wedding be without pictures? Many weddings today include a photo booth or photo op area where guests can take photos to post on social media, share with the happy couple or save as a fun memento from the night. Because photo ops are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, you may be looking for ways to make yours stand out.

The perfect way to create a fun, personalized photo op is with a custom backdrop. The backdrop can help to reinforce the theme of the wedding. For example, for a red carpet feel, you can create a step-and-repeat banner backdrop with your custom text or images. You may want to include your wedding’s custom hashtag as part of the design.

You could also create a large graphic backdrop that transports the people standing in front of it to a beautiful landscape or even to a different time period. This is a great option for themed weddings. For example, bring the beach inside for your reception with a beach backdrop. For a roaring ’20s wedding, create a backdrop that transports people to that era. Who needs generic photo backdrops when you can have custom ones that will live on in photos for decades to come?


The options for custom wedding signage don’t end here. There are many other types of graphics you can create to help make your big day a dream come true. Some of these options include:

  • Tents: For outdoor weddings, tents are a must. In addition to your large tent for seating, consider adding separate tents for food and drinks. You can custom print event tents to help guests see what they’re for, and of course, you can do so in a way that’s consistent with your wedding’s style.
  • Table throws: No reception is complete without tablecloths, but why settle for plain tablecloths when you can create custom printed table throws? An especially great place for a custom table cover is the head table, which tends to be a focal point in the reception area. Choose from a variety of colors and add your custom graphics for a completely personalized appearance.
  • Contour cut signage: Another way to create a focal point is with contour cut signage. These graphic displays have a three-dimensional appearance that helps them pop. They are cut from rigid materials like acrylic, making them durable. That means the newlyweds can enjoy their contour cut display in their home for years to come.
  • Banners: Banners can be an excellent addition to your wedding graphics. Our custom printed overhead banners are great for making a grand announcement of matrimony and for marking the location of a church, park, or another venue where guests should congregate. Retractable banner stands can be used to welcome guests into the ceremony venue or can display images of the couple.
  • Directional signage: Directional signs can help your guests have a more enjoyable experience and take the guesswork out of practical tasks like finding the right place to park or finding the facilities inside. If your ceremony and reception are in the same vicinity, directional signs can also help point the way to each of these parts of the event, so guests know where to go first.
  • Gallery wraps and rigid prints: For beautiful prints you can use to decorate the wedding venue and later to decorate your home, you can use a rigid substrate like foamcore or a gallery canvas wrap to boldly and elegantly display photos. Consider enlarging an engagement photo or another favorite photo of the couple. After the wedding, you can memorialize beautiful moments from the wedding with these prints.

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