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Consider the Workhorse Banner

AUGUST 16, 2016| SpeedPro of Denver

You see them everywhere in your personal life from your local watering hole promoting happy hour specials, strewn across downtown streets announcing a Bronco’s playoff win, at fairs and festivals year-round, and when you’re crossing a finish line or watching someone else cross one.

The common banner is still an affordable and valuable attention-getting tool because its size with an interesting message and visuals can tell a quick story:  “Stop here for cheap booze!” “Don’t miss us, we’re amazing!” “Join the celebration now!” For business-to-consumer audiences, banners can be basic because the shelf life may be relatively short but they will look professional and are generally effective.

In your professional life, for business-to-business uses, banners can be designed with more longevity in mind. So, for example, when your marketing plan has your company exhibiting at three major industry trade shows a year, it’s worth considering the banner placement options:

  • Where is your booth location — corner versus mid-row?
  • What size is the booth and many staffers will be working it at one time?
  • Will the banners be hand-carried or shipped directly to the booth?
  • Can banners be placed to be viewed from both sides?
  • Will there be room for floor banner stands and a back wall banner or would floor banners that extend to seven feet both provide impact and be chosen for the ease of handling?

Consider the shipping and handling of a six or seven foot back wall banner versus stand-alone banners designed with attention-getting messages at the top. Then, consider vertical banners that can be designed to retract cleanly—eliminating those worries about creasing your investment when packing up; just retract and go with the two or three foot case. There are even tabletop retractable banners that can extend to 24” 32” or 40” high—perfect for a smaller booth!

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