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Do Large-Scale Graphics Really Boost Sales?

FEBRUARY 27, 2019| SpeedPro of Denver


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Survey says YES. We don’t even have to imagine the value, researchers have done the hard work. According to a 2012 study published by the Sign Research Foundation, sign changes generally had significant, positive impacts on sales, number of transactions and profits. Roughly 60 percent of businesses across industries surveyed reported sales increases averaging about 10 percent.

Let SpeedPro Denver create colorful, bold large-scale wall signs for your lobby, factory, hallway, retail outlet, windowless conference room, lunch room, casino, or movie theater. Anywhere there’s a blank wall there’s opportunities to reinforce your brand and key messages.

And, no expensive framed artwork is needed in our fast-changing world. Custom large scale wall signs, canvas prints and floor graphics are all affordable and can serve as part of any cohesive interior design. Research conducted as recently as June 2018 indicates a positive correlation between employee satisfaction and their work engagement. Take it a step further and include employees in the plans and decisions around wall murals in their workspace.

SpeedPro Denver has lots of vivid portfolio examples of great big wall graphics we’ve handled to give you some ideas for your location. We’ve worked with hospitals, schools, corporations, advertising agencies, casinos, real estate companies, lawyers, and shopping centers among many others to visually add interest to lobbies, conference rooms, retail outlets, hallways and cafeterias.

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