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Fleet Wraps in Denver

We’ve all driven down a highway while seemingly surrounded by a group of trucks. In your attempts to look around them to find an open lane, you may also end up looking at their panels to see what’s written there. If you own a trucking or van company, this is your golden opportunity to promote yourself!

Plastering your brand name and a bold graphic on an item that receives a lot of attention is a great way to expand your business. So many people, whether they’re also driving or just near a street, will see your vehicle coming and not just look up but also take a second look.

At SpeedPro Imaging of Denver, we can transform your fleet of vehicles into branding machines. Contact us if you’d like to invest in a long-lasting and durable marketing approach.

Custom Fleet Wraps by SpeedPro

Whether you have 10 trucks or 100, we’ll work to create a uniform look across all your vehicles that will help people remember exactly who you are.

A one-time investment can ensure a look that will last for years, giving you the luxury of being able to depend on your vehicle advertising every day. At SpeedPro, we partner with a variety of manufacturers so that you can choose a name you trust and have worked with before when you’re deciding on the right vehicle wrapping material.

Our method of printing and designing vehicle fleet wraps is quite simple. Whatever graphic design you want gets printed onto square and rectangular panels. These panels are then rolled onto the side of the truck and adhered to create a bigger image. Fleet wraps are made to be thicker than typical vinyl decals used on cars, as it will help the material stick to the siding.

We use two different types of vinyl for custom fleet wraps — calendar and cast. Cast vinyl is a bit more permanent, able to last for several years. This type is great for use on uneven or rounded surfaces, as it can be applied around those corners. Calendar vinyl is a bit more popular for fleet wraps. It lasts for a shorter amount of time and can be removed without harsh stains. This option is great for trucks with flat box carriers and companies that see themselves potentially rebranding or featuring a new service in the near future.

Another choice to make is whether to go with a full fleet wrap or a partial wrap. A full wrap will create the biggest effect. Covering your entire truck’s surface is going to catch the attention of everyone nearby. The colors will be bright and bold, unmissable among all the standard vehicles along the road.

Partial wraps will allow graphics on your truck in minimal amounts. They can be wrapped on only the side doors or just the back sliding door. A partial wrap combined with calendar vinyl will be perfect for those short-term promotional efforts.

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If you’d like to promote your business to a large number of people in a truly huge way, reach out to our studio in Denver today! We’ll set up a consultation to discuss your business needs and find the fleet wrap solution that works best for you.

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