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SEPTEMBER 8, 2017| SpeedPro of Denver


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Part 3 of 3 Context is Everything Substrate Series

In our studio, every day is a banner day! The familiar term “banner day” refers to a day being noteworthy or of hanging a banner of announcement, usually of good news.*

We print banners for a range of settings including trade shows, to direct school traffic, announce auto sales, tout a blue-ribbon award, herald a Bronco’s win, for concerts and fairs, to hang in bars and on light poles and sign posts, and to publicly thank sponsors or participants. Again, it’s all about context. Do you want to hang a banner outdoors that will weather the elements for a year or even longer? Is there a one-time conference that commands custom pieces? We’ve got your solution!

The wide range of substrate options for banners includes:

Scrim:  Commonly used for outdoor signage since it is scratch- and water-resistant but can be penetrated for grommets for easy hanging. Scrim banners are made of vinyl and reinforced with polyester cording. The design is what gives it strength and durability. Its smooth, flat finish makes this surface ideal for large-format inkjet printing.

SoFlat®:   Described as scrim-less since this PVC substrate doesn’t have a scrim/base fabric. It is a non-curl substrate with a smooth, flat finish. It is typically used indoors because it is not scratch- or water-resistant. Commonly used for trade show, event and conference displays, it rolls up well. You see it use for many retractable banners.

Mesh:  Designed to let air blow through instead of flapping in the wind or tearing, this synthetic substrate can also be hemmed for a clean look and pierced to hold grommets. You see these on construction fences and at parks touting sporting and other events.

Canvas:  With a texture similar to a painting canvas, this substrates has a softer feel and is “natural” on the non-print side and painted white on the print side. While not as glossy as some other options, canvas is a common choice for setting that demand a more classic look; your bank or inside hotels.

Heavy Duty:   Ideal for fluttering flags that will go with the wind instead of fighting it, this vinyl substrate has high tear resistance due to the multi-layer design. Typically hemmed and with grommets, it is also ideal for prints that will be inserted into re-usable frames to announce the current sale or holiday specials.

Smooth:   Designed for indoor use, smooth banners are defined by their levelness that allows for pressure consistency in printing. That leads to crisp images—even when viewed very close up. Available in a matte finish and can be printed on both sides.

Great. Big. Graphics. It’s what we do. Give us a call at 303.426.4199, email or visit to talk about your large format print jobs. We provide free estimate and will come to you. To see and read about more print jobs we’ve done, check out our Studio News, read some glowing reviews and check out our impressive, extensive portfolio!

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