Step & Repeat Banners

Step & Repeat Banners

Why Use a Step & Repeat Banner?

The right step-and-repeat banner can help your business:

  • Create a VIP feel: If your business is hosting any event where you want a red carpet or a formal, VIP feel, step-and-repeat banners are a wonderful way to make guests feel like celebrities. Place banners in front of a red carpet or entrance, and get ready to take photos.
  • Brand your logo: With your logo prominently featured on the banner, anyone who takes a photo in front of the banner and shares it later will be effectively spreading your marketing message. By associating your brand with a luxury red-carpet event, you can also position yourself as a luxury or professional organization.
  • Gain exposure: Banners with logos are very visible and get attention. Guests also love the look and feel of posing on the red carpet, just like their favorite celebrities. By recreating the experience for them, you may be increasing the chances that the photo will be shared — with your logo front and center.
  • Create a selfie station: Selfie stations are essentially photo booths without the walls. Repeat banners form the backdrop for the pictures, and you can vary that background to match the theme of the event and encourage multiple selfies. Persuade people to share their selfies with a hashtag on social media for even more brand exposure.

You can use repeat backdrops in several different ways. Consider the following:

  • Events:  Grand openings, birthdays and other special events can be enhanced with a repeating backdrop to capture the moment — and there are many moments we like to record and share these days!
  • Launches:  A banner can ensure you get many photos of your team and customers holding your new product in front of your logo. These shots can be useful to post online and send to the media.
  • Annual meetings:  You can build your company culture by getting photos of your team members in front of your logo for internal and external use.
  • Weddings:  Banners can create unique wedding photos and be a great offering for any wedding business. These are great for Monogram touches with the couple’s initials or for photo booth backdrops. Some brides will want a series of three; one for the shower, the bachelorette party and the big event.
  • Galas:  A repeat backdrop with a sophisticated look will fit in at a red carpet or other formal event.
  • Trade shows:  At trade shows, you can set up a photo booth or use a backdrop to ensure your logo features prominently in photos from the event. A bonus is that your customers and prospects will have your branding to self-promote and indirectly promote your business too!
  • Conventions:  Convention banners can include logos or even a marketing message that you want to share with date, location and theme of event.
  • Social media:  Social media users love taking photos, and by setting up photo areas with a repeat backdrop at any event, you can increase the chances of more social media exposure.
  • Demos:  Want smiling photos of customers with your new product? A step-and-repeat banner will help you get those photos with plenty of instances of your logo included.

Read even more ideas about how to leverage step and repeat banners on SpeedPro Denver’s blog on this growing promotional tool, then call us for a no-obligation quote.


Choosing the Right Repeat Backdrop

Most step-and-repeat banners include multiple instances of a logo or emblem. When you’re choosing your banner, you’ll want to make sure the colors are contrasting so that they “pop” in photos. You’ll also want them to be visible and easy to see. SpeedPro Denver can design, print and deliver your custom banner in a very short time! Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today at 303-426-4199 or

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