Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays in Denver, CO

Get Your Staff Excited about Working Trade Shows with Engaging, Eye-Catching Graphics

Before the doors open and all those wonderful potential customers flood into the event hall, a lot of the hard work is done. The planning, “should we invest in a full booth or create a booth-in-box?” and most importantly what to “say” with booth graphics will be decided along with considerations such as should an event within the event be sponsored? Who will work the booth? Who will handle the setup and tear down?

Trade shows are hard work but with the right messages presented in an interesting way, you can have booth graphics that stop prospects in their tracks or at least slow them down. Then, booth staff can feel more comfortable approaching prospects who have already engaged with your business even at a minimal level and they’re more likely to listen to the 15-20 second pitch your staffer has on the tip of their tongue.

Let’s say you are a company that is going to do numerous regional shows. A booth-in-box; a back wall banner, a table skirt and throw with a couple of pop-up banners may offer enough flexibility in booth size and placement to be an affordable, luggable option for a start-up. If you are more established, it might be time to invest in bigger, more complex booth properties.

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Choose Your Vendor from Design through Delivery

Since your booth properties are an investment, it will be worth-while to spend some time choosing your printer/producer. Longer-term relationships such as these are valuable and will save you time and ultimately money. You want a vendor that understands the context the properties will show in and that they are producing investment properties that will be used over and over. So not only do they have to be visually a stand-out, they need to pack and travel well too.

Plan and produce every over-sized print piece together. For example, if you’re sponsoring a happy hour, you’ve purchased a signage opportunity so a simple but interesting banner with your logo on it, of course, with a “drinks on us” sentiment hanging overhead can make enough of a statement. Having one printer produce all the items for an event will ensure continuity in the look and feel of the pieces–not to mention perfect color matches.

Make your staff feel proud and excited to represent your company confidently by choosing well-designed, colorful, show properties and it will pay off in goodwill and in leads!

Trade Show Displays Designed, Printed & Set Up by SpeedPro Denver

GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS. It’s what we do. Contact SpeedPro of Denver to learn about the wide range of trade show properties we can produce for you including:

  • Configurable displays
  • Custom kiosks
  • Feather-shaped flags
  • Hanging banners
  • Literature racks
  • Retractable banners
  • Tabletop displays

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