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MARCH 3, 2020| SpeedPro of Denver


Wall Graphics

Large graphics can be used to create an environment that is comforting while entertaining. And, using the right design, you can engage the public to keep them safe. For example, floor graphics can lead the way while designating safe and unsafe areas. Wall murals in a gym or rec center create a canvas to convey team spirit. Wayfinding signs are invaluable and can be produced to weather the elements for years. No matter the age or location of your building or campus, visuals can be strategically placed to encourage and engage the public, students, teachers and employees. The new trend is to think in terms of “environmental graphics.”

What differentiates environmental graphic design from other types of design is that it aims to change the space in a fundamental way. The graphics aren’t just additions to a space, they can be thoughtfully designed to transform an area and give it a new look and feel, convey important information or alter the way that space is used. Environmental graphics are adhesive graphics that can be applied to doors, floors, walls and windows as well as ceilings, elevators and water fountains.

Here are just two of the ways environmental graphics can add new life to your facility:  You can create privacy and reinforce core values and messages.

Create Privacy:  Beyond aesthetics, environmental graphics versatility can also serve the important function of increasing privacy, safety and piece-of-mind. Apply decals, wall murals and other large-scale graphics to glass finishes on windows and doors, blocking any outside view. By fully or partially covering a highly visible area, you can prevent passersby from seeing inside = privacy created!

Reinforce Values & Messages:  Look at every surface as an opportunity for engagement. If your facility is a rec center, you can use any wall to convey the rules and values in a colorful, meaningful way to all who come in for a pick-up game or series of classes. Big event locations and schools are missing an opportunity if there aren’t graphics on the stairs. Consider elevators, directional signs and water fountains in any new signage plans. It will take more than scenic backdrops to actively engage students so come up with a clear plan with a vision for key messages you want to reinforce and ingrain into students, faculty and all supporting staff.

Wall mural of the mantras of Media Analytics Marketing by SpeedPro Denver

Invite us to tour your facility and we can work together to brainstorm a signage plan. We’re not just a printer, we’re a partner. Creating visual solutions is what we do!

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