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OCTOBER 16, 2021| SpeedPro of Denver



You work­­­­­­­ hard to attract customers to your retail store but getting them in the door is just half of the battle. The other half is encouraging them to buy. Point of purchase (POP) displays can effectively highlight your newest products and seasonal or limited-time in-store promotions. They give customers a final push towards making a purchase. We want to help you reach more customers by improving your brand’s performance with colorful engaging POP displays.

SpeedPro Denver can create your custom POP displays with many different products including:

  • Banners – freestanding/retractable or hanging outside and inside
  • Floor decals – to guide and entertain
  • Foamcore signs – to place on an easel or to hang
  • Freestanding displays – with built-in space for products or literature
  • Posters – hanging on wall or from the ceiling
  • Window clings – to draw customers in while create privacy

We will customize any POP display to fit with your branding and enhance your unique retail space. POP displays will draw attention to your products and encourage customers to buy something they may otherwise overlook. SpeedPro can help you create unique and eye-catching designs with the right products for the best results.


Have you ever gone into one of your favorite retailers for one thing and left with overflowing bags? Welcome to the club. Market research indicates that 40% of shoppers admit to spending more than they intended in a retail store. Consumers often buy more products than they need on impulse, and POP displays encourage them to make these purchases at your store.

POP displays capture consumers’ attention and encourage them to take a closer look and consider purchasing a product they may have missed. Shoppers can gather information from your displays to help them make a decision. Learning more about new products makes shopping more exciting for customers and can stimulate impulse purchases.

Customers find POP displays helpful for showing them good deals and introducing them to different products. Retailers benefit from a positive impact on their revenue. Show off your brand with fun and flair by seasonally freshening your POP.


The purpose of a POP display is to influence customer behavior by sending the right message using attention-grabbing designs. Here are some tips to help you maximize your POP.

1.       DESIGN:  Get your message across with an eye-catching design. Choose bright colors that will stand out and large print that is easy to read. Captivate customers with large logos, catchy phrases and geometric shapes. Coordinate your POP displays with the rest of your branding to maintain a consistent message and aesthetic.

 2.       MESSAGE:  Compel shopper to explore your store and browse products. POP displays will capture their attention, so pack as much meaning as you can into a short message that is quick and easy to read. Tell customers about the value they will receive from your products and highlight any deals with a promotional point of purchase display. The ideal POP display is informative and ends with a call to action.

3.       LOCATION:  Choose the location of POP displays thoughtfully for maximum impact. Consider how your store is laid out, then watch how customers typically navigate fixtures and how long they spend on any one sign. Place POP displays in high traffic areas at eye level for optimal exposure. POP displays are often placed near the checkout line, where customers have time to read them while they wait to pay. If all goes as planned, they will make that additional purchase!

4.       BOOSTING SALES:  Steps 1, 2 3 should draw customers in with POP highlighting the value of products or the current specials to encourage impulse purchases. Shoppers are more likely to leave your store with more than they planned, and you’ll earn more revenue for your business.


The investment you make in point of purchase displays will enhance your marketing and positively impact your sales. Our experienced graphic designers will create persuasive POP displays to encourage impulse purchases. We can help you choose the best colors and messaging for effective POP displays and work with you through design, printing and installation.


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