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Use Door & Elevator Graphics to Inform & Entertain

MAY 28, 2020| SpeedPro of Denver


Wall Graphics

Think beyond those generic His and Hers restroom door signs and put up colorful mini-murals or graphics that convey the same message with some fun and flair. It’s easy and affordable to out-do your competition visually–no matter what business you’re in. Use those elevator doors and the elevator’s inside walls to tell a short story with images and short, catchy messages.

SpeedPro Denver Can Do It All For You

As a large format printer, we see every blank space as an opportunity to post informative and entertaining images and want to share some of our ideas with you. Visuals can boost the overall appearance of any setting with color or even unexpected black and white or sepia-toned graphics. We design, print and install elevator door wraps, elevator interior graphics and door graphics.

If there’s an elevator in the building, leverage that space where you have a somewhat captive audience. What a great opportunity to share a timely greeting or reinforce your brand, be it for sales or safety messages.

Picture yourself walking into your local sports arena. Would the energy be the same if there weren’t graphics of your favorite team’s players in action plastered on the entry doors and walls?

Any door, be it wood, glass, metal or a combination, is suitable for graphics. You can have the full door wrapped or use accent images. Door graphics can last for years but are affordable enough to change out periodically to keep your space looking fresh. Use the space to call attention to your outreach efforts, employee appreciation, or as directional signage—there’s no limit to ideas.

Have you heard of First Surface? You can have a cool graphic on glass doors (and windows) facing outward but still be able to see clearly through the graphic to the outside and also enjoy the sunlight filtering in. It’s a visual way to create privacy while engaging your street traffic.

Another option is to have the same graphic printed on both sides of glass so you keep your audience’s attention coming and going! Those are called Second Surface graphics. They are peel-and-place products that are easy to install and are re-usable when handled properly.

Have you ever walked up to a door but noticed it’s dirty and the signs ragged? Did you change your mind and go elsewhere or at least hesitate and peer cautiously inside before entering? Entry doors can do more than convey the basic we’re open and here’s our hours. The signs on your doors set the tone for the type of establishment you’re running. Do you want to convey an austere, somewhat clinical or minimalist mood or a kid-friendly cheerful, upbeat mood? The subconscious mind will register how inviting your business is by the doors and also communicate subtly who is welcome.

SpeedPro Denver has extensive experience handling door and elevator design, printing and installation projects of all sizes. We wrapped more than 600 elevator doors for Kaiser Permanente throughout Colorado, a few for a local middle school and several for a mountain casino. We’ve handled door graphics for Cavender’s and the South Fork Visitors Center, to name just a few. Check out our extensive, impressive portfolio and contact us for a free consultation about your project. Reach us directly at 303-426-4199 or

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