Using Environmental Graphics to Build Your Company’s Culture

Using <span>Environmental Graphics to Build Your Company’s Culture</span>

Nearly nine in ten organizations cited culture and engagement as top challenges through a Deloitte Insights study conducted just a few years ago. That’s because a solid culture not only attracts, retains and motivates employees, it can also drive profitability. Building an engaging culture and comfortable environment doesn’t mean pumping thousands of dollars into an office remodel, or investing in droves of dart boards, ping pong tables and coffee bars. Instead, you can use environmental graphics to elevate your current space.

When SpeedPro talks about environmental graphics, we are referring generally to wall murals, window graphics, floor and door graphics, and wayfinding signage.

If These Doors, Floors, Windows & Walls Could Talk. . .

. . .What Would You Want Them to Say?

From welcoming your employees into the building or into your office suite, that entry is the perfect place to start reinforcing your brand and what you want it to stand for with colorful signage.

Once in the office, you can use floor graphics to encourage and usher employees in for the day. By adhering floor decals with your company logo, industry-specific inspirational messages or other business or brand-related visuals, you can further reinforce your identity.

Flyer for Crowne Plaza with the quote "Keep moving forward" Flyer for Crowne Plaza with the quote "Keep moving forward"

As employees walk the hallways, large-scale vibrant wall murals can tell the story of the company’s history, reinforce your mission statement and value proposition, and showcase products. Plus, with eye-catching artwork and vibrant colors splashed across your walls, you can help keep creativity flowing – an essential component of any agile business.

Mural for Rexel Loveland created by SpeedPro Denver

Use the space on the many doors to offices, restrooms, privacy rooms and conference rooms to convey important announcements or even list the food truck schedule. By using consistent or complementary layouts and color schemes, you are subtly communicating the value of the messages.

Nicole Verduzco director of operations

Whether on an outside-facing window or an interior glass wall, window clings instantly add a unique flair and create visual interest to any glass surface. Removable clings and other materials designed for short-term use make it easy and affordable to change out these visuals at different times of the year, allowing your organization to constantly refresh the environment and reinvigorate your staff.

Large banners with enlarged images of fishing poles and fish

Wayfinding directional signs can provide useful information but also set a visual tone for the readers by incorporating your logo and using a consistent color palette. This is particularly true in complex structure such as medical and educational complexes. Even signage a basic as an Employee of the Month reserved parking spot, if done right, “says” something about how the company appreciates its employees and in its own small way, visually reinforces the culture of valuing all staff.

Sign labeled "campus safety cart parking only" for Regis University

A SpeedPro Denver rep can come to you and do a walk-through making suggestions along the way to visually brighten up your space. We provide Great. Big. Graphics. to companies of all sizes. Contact us today at 303-426-4199, or visit to view our impressive portfolio.

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