Wall Murals/Indoor Signs

Wall Murals/Indoor Signs

Wall Murals and Indoor Signage in Denver, CO

Add vivid color, bright visuals and key messages to your business, school or entertainment venue with large wall prints and indoor signage. We can create custom graphics or use your artwork to showcase timely events, seasonal messaging or for long-time placements of large format graphics.

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Transformations Made Easy

  • See any blank walls in restaurants, hospitals, school hallways and auditoriums, casinos, concert halls, business lobbies, movie theatres, or offices?
  • Do you walk down long, beige hallways with small framed photos at work?
  • Trying to keep your customers visually engaged as they roam around your venue without interfering with your primary branding?

These are prime spaces for removable wall murals! Vinyl wall murals are typically printed on a laminate that is designed to stick to a vertical surface and stay in place, but is also formulated to be easily removed. Our experienced installers readily handle these over-sized images and have installed memorable large wall prints at casinos, schools, office buildings, and shopping malls–to name just a few locations.

You’ve seen large wall prints used extensively for decorative purposes (Thanks for your patronage) or to inform or distract (does the view from your dreaded dentist chair offer calming graphics on the ceiling?) but they also work to create advertising space that can engage and entertain (it’s impossible to ignore those ads on the sides of brick buildings isn’t it?).

Watch the process for installing a massive wall mural in 2 minutes in this super fast time-lapse video!

When considering a wall mural, the texture of the surface is the most important component to evaluate. Is it a smooth office hallway wall, a mall barrier or the outside of a brick building? Depending on the placement, you may have options for the finish to consider too:  do you want a low-glare matte, a high luster for maximum shine, or a fabric canvas-type rugged finish to add texture to a flat surface? Think of wall graphics as custom wallpaper. Your artwork can be printed on this substrate that goes edge-to-edge and floor-to-ceiling. Here are some material options:

Material Options for Wall Murals

 Vinyl Film is the choice workhorse of many a print shop and can be produced as either a cast or calendered film. The basic ingredients are the same, but the manufacturing process and type of plasticizers used result in significant differences. Cast films are considered the industry premium whereas calendered film may be chosen for cost rather than durability. If you want your long-term signage to stand up to the elements, choose cast films. For the monthly special, the calendared film will do the job.

Photo Tex™ is an indoor adhesive-backed fabric that sticks to any non-porous flat surface creating seamless images. Available in rolls up to 54” wide x 100’, it is reusable and repositionable. Photo Tex works indoors or out, it will not shrink, wrinkle or rip in any temperature or climate change. It easily wraps around corners and poles. You see it often in restaurants, retail settings and offices.

RoughRAP™ is a durable vinyl ideal for covering textured walls like brick, concrete, wood, wood paneling, and cinderblock. Textured walls, while more challenging to install graphics onto, often come across looking painted but are installed without the hassle of trying to evenly saturate a brick or cinderblock surface. And, the graphics are easier to remove than paint! RoughRAP can provide full coverage or be contour cut into any custom shape you want. It can also be used to add a special event announcement or logo to an existing mural.

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Check out our blog on the Long-Lasting Benefits of Wall Graphics then give us a call and we’ll get started on yours!


Invite us to do a walk-through of your business and we’ll make suggestions to visually enhance the space. SpeedPro Denver offers free consultations! Here are some ideas:

  • Canvas prints–line the hallways with artwork, no framing necessary! An affordable option for even the smallest business, canvas prints have a soft feel and look.
  • Door signage–quick identification for the conference rooms, access restricted, supplies, you name it. Choose a substrate that will stay up for years or one that can be easily removed.
  • Easel prints–for the lobby to welcome guests. Customized messages printed quickly and inexpensively add sophistication to welcome VIPs.
  • Elevator wraps–entertain and inform employees and visitors. Still a novelty, use this space to reinforce your brand and key messages.
  • Lobby, interior and conference room windows – with your logo full color or frosted—reinforce your brand. Window film such as Glass Adhere is removable and reusable but can also stay in place for years.
  • Floor graphics—create an inviting, welcoming entry to the lobby and lunchroom
  • Seasonal graphics for the lobby and lunchroom—bring color to a typically sterile setting. Thin poster boards that can easily be hung and removed from most surfaces are affordable and fun.
  • Podium signs and posters in any size–create custom visuals for the big sales meeting. Your speakers will appreciate the chance to customize messages and your audiences have come to expect it.

Material Options for Indoor Signage

Some of the materials we use for indoor signage include foam core, Ultra board, styrene and PVC. Here are details about those products and some uses for each:

ULTRA BOARD is idea for indoors. ULTRA BOARD is a lightweight structural panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core faced on both sides by a smooth, moisture-resistant sheet of solid polystyrene. Available in a variety of thicknesses from 3/16” to 1”, it can be cut with a standard table saw into any custom shape and is an excellent choice for signage, photo mounting, exhibits, and point-of-purchase displays.

Foam Core (aka foam board) is a very strong, lightweight and easily cut material. It consists of three layers — an inner layer of polystyrene clad with outer facing of either a white clay coated paper or brown Kraft paper. Available in approx. 1/8” and 3/16” thicknesses, a variety of colors and sizes up to 96″ x 48″, is it choice material for signage that will be used for a short time only such as periodic meetings, trade shows and special events.

Styrene is plastic and suitable for indoor and outdoor short-term applications. It is sometimes called poster board and is considered one of the best surfaces for large format photography prints. This product is resistant to weather (but not long-term UV exposure), bumps, drops and scratches while being lightweight and flexible. It is delivered in large flat sheets and then custom cut into any shape. Available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes it can be printed on both sides.

PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) is a plastic durable and lightweight material available in a variety of colors, sizes and in rigid and flexible formats. This workhorse material can be shaped from 4’ x 8’ sheets into custom designs and is a good choice for short-term exterior uses. You see it everywhere as directional signage, at retail, in meeting rooms, and in grocery stores as shelf signs.

Wall Murals and Indoor Signs Designed, Printed & Installed by SpeedPro Denver

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