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Wave the Company Flag – Literally!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019| SpeedPro of Denver



Advertising flags are excellent promotional tools that work well in a variety of situations, including outdoors at events, inside at trade shows or at your place of business. They are easy to set up, easily movable, reusable and affordable! If you use them outside, they’ll flutter in the wind, drawing prospects to your message.

You could, for example, line the sidewalk leading up to your business with flags to draw attention to your building, pulling them in with a series of messages touting company values, an event or for straight-forward branding reinforcement using just the company logo. Placing flags outside a stadium to promote the next sporting event or concert adds to a festive atmosphere and they can do double-duty and serve as wayfinding guides.

Flags are useful, noticeable and have an impact:

• They’re versatile: Many material options are durable enough to use outside but won’t look out of place indoors.
• They’re eye-catching: Flags are great at getting people’s attention. The movement of flags is noticeable in our peripheral vision and gets our interest faster than immobile objects.
• They build brand awareness: Even something as simple as placing your logo on a flag can help people get to know your brand. You can also include the company tagline and values using the corporate color palette.
• They’re customizable: Choose from a variety of shapes, heights and bases. Adjustable height flagpoles allow you to use the same flag and pole in varied settings. We can provide you with custom or generic flags (Registration, Big Sale Today, Welcome).

As with all jobs SpeedPro Denver handles, we start with context to make recommendations:

1. Start with where: Indoors or Out? Teardrop flags tend to flutter less in the wind since they’re closely attached to the pole. Feather flags flutter more than teardrops. Straight and edge flags tend to flutter the most.

2. The message you want to convey: How much space do you need for your message? If your brand is familiar, you can use a simpler design. If you go this route, a minimal design with white space on a straight or edge flag is best. If your positioning is more light-hearted but the name less familiar, a more eye-catching design with movement could be beneficial. If you want a more fluid shape but a rigid structure, choose a feather or teardrop flag.

3. The flags setting: Playful or Conservative? A company event may dictate a simple, business-like design, while a concert, cultural or sporting event calls for a fun, creative style. If other flags at the event are a certain shape, you may want to match them or, alternatively, choose a different shape so that your flag stands out. For example, check out a trade show’s photos from the prior year to see what competitors and same-industry businesses are using to decide how to stand out from the crowd.

4. Number of uses you want to get from your flags: Will it be shipped and transported to four or five trade shows over the year? Make sure you get the right shipping container to keep it clean and tear-free so when it’s place in the lobby or conference room between events, it is clean and tear-free.

Types of Promotional Flags

Flags are a great option for a variety of uses, but how do you know which shape is right for you? There are several different shapes of advertising flags, including feather, straight, teardrop and edge and size options are nearly endless. Promotional flags come in a variety of sizes and some flag poles are adjustable, so you can change the height of where your flags are showing based on the setting.

Feather flags feature a sleek, smooth design that gives them a sophisticated look. The shape of the flag is, as the name suggests, similar to that of a feather. It is mostly straight along the side where the pole is and then curves over at the top. The flag is also curved to a similar degree along the bottom, although there’s no pole there.

Straight flags have a classic shape that features a straight vertical edge along the side furthest from the pole and a straight edge along the bottom. The side attached to the pole is mostly straight but curves at the top, along with the pole, until it meets the other edge of the flag. The straight flag style has a simpler design that will give you a substantial amount of room on which to print your design while still managing to be eye-catching.

Teardrop flags are an eye-catching, curved flag style. They are, of course, shaped like a teardrop and feature a pole that bends over the top to create the rounded shape. The side of the flag furthest from the pole comes down at an angle, and the side attached to the pole is more curved than in the other designs. Due to its shape, this type of flag is tauter than the other shapes, making it ideal for when you don’t want your flag to move with the wind.

The edge flag is the simplest of the four flag option we offer. They are rectangular and have longer vertical edges and shorter horizontal edges. The style is similar to that of a standing banner display. The flagpole runs along one side of the flag, and there’s a bar across the top to keep the flag in place. If you want a simple design with lots of room for your graphics, consider an edge flag.

Single-Sided and Double-Sided Flags

You have another thing to consider when it comes to your flags design; whether to use a single-sided or a double-sided graphic. If you choose a single-sided flag, as the name implies, your graphic will be printed on one side. If you choose a double-sided flag, you’ll get two panels of material printed with your graphic, one for each side, and the material will not be transparent. Just let us know the context and we’ll make a recommendation.

Another deliberation when you’re choosing the size of your flag is how much space you have available. At a trade show, for example, you’re likely to have much less room than you do at an outdoor festival so check with event organizers on height requirements in advance.

Also consider how close viewers will be to your flag. If you’re placing your flag in the front lobby of your office or in a trade show booth, a smaller flag at eye-level will work. If your flags are going to be outdoors, a larger flag is more likely to draw attention.

There are many options when it comes to promotional flags. The right one for you comes down to how and where you plan to use your flag and what fits with your brand.

Ready to order some flags? We can design, print, deliver and install flags for you! We’ve produced flags for the Denver Bronco’s, golf courses, the 16th Street Mall, Johnson & Wales University, and others. Call SpeedPro Denver 303.426.4199 or email us We’re happy to discuss your flags setting and provide a no-obligation quote.

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