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Window clings and high tech, not two things we typically associate with each other but consider this:  the newest window clings are not only eye-catching but are great for any business with foot traffic. When you hear the word “cling” you might picture a small round black and white sticker or uneven black lettering, but forget about those basic window stencils. Using the latest in printing advancements you can now have window clings that are colorful, creative and bold.

Transform a plain storefront into a powerful marketing tool with custom, colorful and engaging graphics. Choose from frosted or clear-back image window graphics, window perfs, and window clings that are single (First Surface outside looking in) or double (the Second Surface inside looking out). We frequently use a reusable window film called Glass Adhere™.  Glass Adhere has micro-suction cups on one side and can be used over and over since it is removable and reusable. It is also water resistant, fade resistant, cleanable (even with glass cleaners), and 99% bubble free. This evolution in window graphics also allows for full bleed printing-no need to design in that white border to save trimming costs. It is available in 1st surface (outside looking in) and 2nd (inside looking out) surface options. While it is a peel-and-place product, professional installation is typically suggested. Other window graphic materials include static clings in both clear and solid backed options, and static clings with perforated window film. This product uses a technology different than traditional “static” clings. It has micro-suction cups on one side, and can be used over and over–allowing you to rotate images regularly. If it ever becomes dirty, simply wash off it off and reapply.

By using window graphics for signage you give your business the flexibility to quickly, easily and affordably change out your brand message at will. Here are just a few examples of how mighty but flexible window graphics can be used:

  • as branding signage
  • with seasonal imagery and messages
  • to announce a sale
  • to announce closeout
  • to announce specials
  • to showcase a given product/service
  • to convey any message any time you want

Call us to talk about your objectives for freshening your window graphics and then we’ll suggest solutions for one window or for all of them! All our work is custom and your job can be printed and installed in a matter of days. Benefit from our extensive experience, contact us today for your free consultation.

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