Meet the Team

Jim Delaney


After 30 years in the corporate world, Jim has been the owner/manager of SpeedPro Imaging DuPage since 2010. His mission — and his great satisfaction — is producing a  “Wow!” customer experience. Towards that end, he works closely with clients to understand their objectives, and he works closely with his team to ensure that all project details are accounted for and that products and services meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Chelsea Cook

Client Service Representative

Chelsea works with our clients to understand their needs, conveys order details  to our production team, monitors order status and keeps clients up-to-date. Friendly, energetic and professional, Chelsea sees to it that our clients are happy with SpeedPro’s process as well as our products.

Will Gliwa

Account Manager

Will works on business development for SpeedPro. He has experience in logistics and sales and is fluent in Spanish. Will also served as a Signal Support Systems Specialist in the United States Army Reserve.

Derek Mast

Production Manager

Derek brings over 20 years of experience in print production, as well as extremely high standards, to the management of SpeedPro’s production services. He ensures that images are produced at the highest possible quality, that color and size specifications are matched and that finishing work is precise and professional.

Dylan Zimmerman

Production and Design Assistant

Dylan rounds out our production team with proficiency in a number of digital design platforms and a range of technical experience.

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Jim Delaney

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