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Reflect back on the last event you attended. What makes you remember it? There was probably an air of excitement and fun that permeated the event space, making you want to take all parts of the evening in. It’s probably not just the main event that you remember or that you felt happy about — there were most likely smaller events throughout the occasion that got you inspired.

It could’ve been a concert, a sporting game or a professional conference — no matter which, the visuals and graphics that set up the event caught your attention and made you excited for the upcoming feature. At a sports game, for example, taking part in the festivities beforehand as well as seeing all of the banners and posters hanging around make you feel more excited for the game later on.

The good news here is that corporate events are no different! Just because they have “corporate” in the title and the presentations are focused on professionalism doesn’t mean you can’t invigorate and inspire your crowd with excitement! Custom event graphics from SpeedPro Durham allow you to emphasize your brand throughout the event, encouraging people to participate in all that your business has to offer.

If your company or organization is centered in Durham, contact us today to get a head start on creating custom graphic designs for your event.

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Stylish Corporate Event Graphics

Sitting down for a consultation with you gives us the chance to get to know your business and detail the parts of your brand you want to focus on and emphasize. What do you want to represent, and how? Are you more focused on your individual products or the overall service and experience a customer will receive? SpeedPro Durham is 100 percent willing to work with your business needs to create the stunning event atmosphere you want.

After all, the power and success of a corporate event lie in the decorative and compelling custom event graphic designs.

For your event, you have a full range of options available for your needs, including:

Directional Signage

Directional signage can be an immense help at your corporate event. If you use it, guests will feel guided with ease, allowing for a more enjoyable experience that relieves stress and confusion. Help attendees navigate through the parking lot, welcome them into your event and point them in the direction of their favored kiosks and presentations!


Branded banners will also give your business the attention it deserves. Promote your corporate event in the days ahead by stringing a street-wide banner in town near a streetlight, allowing community members to build excitement and keep you in mind. You can also emphasize your indoor atmosphere by hanging vivid and bright banners up along the walls, notably enhancing anticipation while encouraging guests to look up and around and not miss anything.

Dynamic Graphic Design for Events in Durham

If you’re looking to make sure your upcoming corporate event is one that will encourage everyone to come out and enjoy, call our studio today! We’ll set up a consultation and dive right into creating your perfect custom event graphics.

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