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Trade Show Displays in Durham, NC

Trade shows are wonderful events to attend, both as a customer and as a business professional. You get to see the vast array of companies promoting their own services and products, and you get a first-hand glimpse of what branding methods do and don’t work. There’s a level of nervousness, however, that can be created at the idea of having to set up a display — especially when you keep in mind that you’re trying to compete with the other setups!

SpeedPro Durham is dedicated to making your trade show display booth stand out from the rest. We work to create designs that effectively and accurately brand your business for everyone to see and take an interest in.

If you’re looking to set up for an upcoming trade show and reside in the Durham area, reach out to us now! We’ll work with you throughout the entire process, from designing to printing to installation.

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Aesthetically Appealing Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Trade shows offer the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out about your business, especially if you’re a newer company looking to increase your customer base. You can take note of how other companies present themselves and what strategies you can use to better your promotional methods.

The key to having an eye-catching trade show display booth is creating designs that encourage and initiate conversations — we’ll help!

You’re not just at a trade show to sell your services. You should also be interested in what the customers see and consider when entering a business. Giving them all the information up front will only do so much before they decide to read what you have and walk away. Providing a “sneak-peek” will allow their curiosity to grow and encourage them to approach you with questions. Take it as an opportunity to build a connection with your guests and personally invite them to your building or office.

We’ll Help You Bring Your Trade Show Booth Idea to Life

At SpeedPro, we offer multiple options to set up your pop up trade show display, including:

Create the Perfect Booth for Your Next Trade Show

Banners make up a majority of our display features — and rightly so! They’re our most versatile product, able to be displayed in a variety of ways for many purposes. You can place them in a retractable stand, perfect for eye-level viewing and giving out the most important information. They can also be set on your table, catching attention with small details. You might hang them from the outskirts of your tent, grabbing the attention of everyone around and inviting them to come closer to see what you have to offer.

If you want to draw every eye at an event, try out our backlit displays that shine an LED light on the most important, attractive features of your designs. You’ll show every customer where to look just by plugging in, providing a spotlight for your products and services and making your graphics look richer and more professional.

SpeedPro also emphasizes the durability of our portable trade show displays. We want to ensure that your setup can last you through multiple uses and that you can easily disassemble and reassemble. Our tents can be folded down into a carrying case, making it convenient to move from place to place. Many of our features are made out of vinyl material too, proving they can last for multiple showings. Our pop up displays can come with molded, hard cases, and they come in a variety of lightweight sizes with tool-free assembly — convenience at its finest.

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If you’re ready to show people what your business has to offer in a visually stunning way, contact us today. We’ll set up a consultation right away to make sure we understand your branding needs.

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