10 Reasons why you should be using removable wall graphics

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Removable Wall Graphics

JUNE 24, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay


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As businesses are re-opening up, it’s more important than ever to create the ultimate experience for people when they enter your space. Considering removable wall graphics can be the perfect solution to really spice things up whether in the form of a decal, mural, or cling. If you don’t want the graphic to be removable and you’re looking for something permanent, we have higher-grade adhesives that will last for years to come.

Wall wraps can be really beneficial to your business and also help to communicate important messages. If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should be using removable wall graphics.


Regardless of what your business is, when your customers or potential clients are visiting your workspace, the first impression matters most. You’ll want to create the most attractive environment for them which includes vibrant color and bold graphics. This can really help to take your appearance to the next level and truly create a whole experience for visitors.

Consider this. If you’re a healthcare professional, whether that be a dentist, pediatrician, or optometrist, patients should feel relaxed and at ease when they’re in the waiting and exam room. The anxiety that people feel while they’re in a medical office can be induced by a cold and bland environment. By simply adding a colorful wall mural with images of the forest or beach can really help to create a relaxing feel. Or, if you’re a pediatrician or child dentist, cartoon images are a great way to get kids excited to be there and overall create a more pleasurable experience.

How about if you own a clothing boutique or hair salon? You’ll want to create an upscale environment and have as much style as possible. By incorporating wall graphics with modern and chic patterns, you can now create a classy feel. You could also include art prints of photos that feature specific models to really create a fashion experience. No matter what your business, wall graphics can be a great addition.


Wall graphics can look great and all, but how about if you don’t want them to last forever? After all, if you want removable wall graphics that can be changed out, the removal process should be easy and not ruin your walls.

Well, that’s where the good news comes in. With removable wall graphics, sometimes it can be as simple as lifting a corner and taking the graphic right off the wall. Other times, you may need to add a little torch heat to soften up the vinyl and loosen it from the wall. No matter what process is used, however, removing the wall graphics will lift right off and you won’t have to worry about the paint underneath peeling up. Since they’re made to come off, your wall will be unharmed in the process and the worst-case scenario would be that it leaves a little adhesive residue behind which be wiped away.


Wall graphics are meant to be easy to maintain so they must be able to be cleaned. When it comes to wallpaper or wall paint, scuff marks and stains are nearly impossible to remove leaving your wall damaged.

In contrast, with our adhesive vinyl graphics, these are typically laminated which makes the cleaning process even easier. Just use a wet rag and dish soap in water to wipe it down. Essentially, scuffs or spills should come off in just one swipe. Also, wall graphics won’t pick up dust the way that wallpaper and frames can collect over time.


The comparison of painted wall murals versus printed wall murals can be very similar but not when it comes to removability as well as customization. With painted wall murals, you don’t have the luxury of taking it off when you’re bored with it and replacing it with a new one. Instead, you have to repaint the wall and then have another artist come in. Also, painted wall murals can be a long and difficult process from concept to creation and the installation can take days.

With removable wall films, you won’t encounter these issues. They’re easy to install whether it’s just wall decals or a full wall cover. It’s as simple as peeling and sticking even for the least experienced. As long as your measurements are correct, your graphic will be printed at the correct size and it will be as easy as lining up the graphic with the wall and then applying it.


If your work environment is bland, it can leave your employees feeling disconnected and overall bored. When employees are bored and disengaged, this can lower employee productivity. The good news is that by simply adding art into the workplace, it can increase employee productivity. It has been proven that most employees care about their work environment and what it looks like and how it makes them feel and perform.

Framed pictures is a start but it’s also the bare minimum of adding a creative aesthetic to your location. These can easily be overlooked because they’re common, so if you want to keep your employees engaged in a more non-traditional way, consider life-size wall graphics. Since they can be changed out periodically, there is no better way to keep your workplace engaging and ever-changing. Employees can walk in every quarter with new graphics which will feel like a different office.

No matter what your company does, boosting your employee’s mood and encouraging productivity is super important and wall graphics can help to do that.


Wall graphics are not just limited to being used indoors. Although they’re most commonly used indoors in offices and retail spaces, they can most certainly be used outdoors as well. Communicating a message on your building’s exterior can make a huge impression on people driving by.

This also helps to save money with advertising because you can utilize your own building space to advertise. These can be permanent or temporary so whether you want to advertise a sale or event happening, or if you want to brand it with your logo and information that won’t be changing, we have materials for both!


Speaking of temporary messages, removable wall graphics are perfect for marketing specific events or things that can changed. For example, you can build anticipation for a very big sale or promotion by putting a wall graphic on the outside of the store as well on the inside walls.

This holds a lot more weight to the credibility of you and your event than it would if you taped up a poster on your window or bulletin board.


One of the main reasons you’ll probably want to use wall graphics is essentially to reinforce your brand. Your brand represents your company and logo as well as everything that it stands for. This is why it’s especially important to create an immersive experience when customers enter your business. This experience should be colorful, vibrant, and include bold graphics which can increase their brand recognition by up to at least 80 percent.

Whether it’s a full graphic that incorporates your company logo or tagline or cut vinyl lettering that includes your mission statement and core values, you have the ability to show off your brand. If you want to really get creative, include pictures that relate to your business. Timelines are also another fun way to add graphics to your office by showing your company’s journey through time and all of the progress that its made.

Depending on what your purpose is, you may want temporary graphics for things that will change all the time like an employee of the month. Or, you may want something more permanent for things like features of awards that you’ve won. Either way, these are a great way to show off your company and reinforce values in you.


Have you ever seen photographs of your favorite sites in the city you live in around town? Or may historical events that happened throughout your city on a big wall mural? Wall graphics and murals are the perfect way to represent your community and where your business takes place.

Maybe you have multiple locations and you want to showcase all of your locations around the local community. One way to do this is incorporate custom wall graphics of community sites into your decor to really tie in where you’re located. Whether this be local sports teams, schools, landmarks, and more, by having these graphics tie into your branding, it truly makes people feel welcome and get a custom experience.


When clients visit your place of business, you’ want to make this process as easy as possible. After all, you don’t want them entering for the first time cranky because they couldn’t find you. Help simplify this by adding wall graphics to act as your wayfinding signage. Graphics that direct people to exits, elevators, restrooms, or the lobby can help to not only make it easier to find but overall a more pleasurable experience as they navigate their way through.

Floor graphics are also another way to utilize graphics when it comes to wayfinding. Lining the floor with arrows to direct guests can be super effective as well as visually appealing because it’s not something you see all the time.


If you’re ready to get started on your wall graphics project, consider partnering with us at SpeedPro East Bay. We have the expertise in design, production, and installation to help you bring your vision to life. Give us a call at 510.974.7369 or contact us for a consultation today.

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