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3 Must Haves for Tech Conferences

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay

It’s almost Fall and you know what that means?  Tech conferences are in full swing, and what better way to represent your brand than with signage from SpeedPro East Bay? Here are three ideas for you to jump-start your next conference stand.


Proudly display your vivid, colorful banner! With one over your conference stand, conference visitors will know and recognize your brand immediately. Stand out from the crowd with an innovative, thoughtful design! First impressions do matter.


Of course, you’ll need a tent to separate your stand from the others. SpeedPro East Bay offers a wide variety of tents that come in different qualities and prices, tailored to your every need. No matter what size or shape your tent its, SpeedPro East Bay will guide you through the process of designing one!


Say cheese! A great way of connecting with your attendees is with a photo op in front of a custom backdrop. When looking back at photos, attendees are sure to notice your brand more if they see themselves smiling in front of your logo! Plus, if they share a picture to social media with your logo on it, that’s free marketing.  SpeedPro East Bay has experience designing and creating custom backdrops for you.

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