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3 Ways to Maximize Your “Black Friday” Signage

NOVEMBER 13, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay



Black Friday is only a week away and you can already feel the holiday excitement in the air.  If you’re a local retailer though, it can be tough to compete with the huge Black Friday sales at the bigger stores.  SpeedPro East Bay wants to help you increase your sales by using effective signage that’ll help get people in the door.

Window Displays

With a near 135 million shoppers expected to hit stores this year, according to U.S. News, you need to be able to catch potential shoppers’ attention from the outside.  One way to do this is by having an attractive window set-up.  This can be done with a huge sign like in the left image below where it displays the sale and allows passerby to decide whether or not to enter.  Or, it can be cutouts like in the image to the right below which is an attractive window display to entice customers to come in before knowing the sale.  We also have window clings and vinyl available to pull the whole window display together.


Sidewalk Signs

When people walk down the street or through the mall, most commonly they’re looking straight ahead.  They can often miss a grand window display because they’re looking to what is in front of them.  One way to help capture their attention is by using a sidewalk sign.  These are typically A-frames and you can place them right at your storefront.  This is where you pull the potential customers in with your best sales displayed like in the image below.  If it’s right in front of their eyes, they’re sure to see it and be intrigued to check it out.

Hanging Signs

Once you’ve attracted the crowd to your store, it’s important that they are able to find the sale items easily.  Customers don’t want to navigate through crowds to find the best deals.  They want direction and hanging signs can help direct traffic flow right to where they want to be.  Even if your store is smaller, signs like these still help pinpoint exactly where the best items are at.  Help your customers have an easier shopping experience with effective signage.

Make the most of your Black Friday and invest in a little signage that could go a long way.  For more information or suggestions on what could work best for your location, give us a call at (510) 246-8643 or click here.


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