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4 Iconic Alameda Signs

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay



Alameda is a city that has a rich history with over 10,000 of the buildings constructed before 1930.  When driving down Park St. or around the island, you’re sure to run into one of these signs and only in Alameda you’ll be able to find these classics.

Ole’s Waffle Shop

This classic waffle shop has been open since 1927 starting on Santa Clara and later moving to Park Street in the 30’s.  It changed ownership in the 60’s and then again in 1972 but it has still maintained its vintage style.  In 2014 they even expanded by opening a wine and waffle lounge right next door to Ole’s where folks can get the same classic waffle but also get an exclusive wine experience.  They’re unstoppable.

Alameda Theatre

The iconic Alameda Theatre opened up in 1932 as part of a theater chain.  Movie attending declined in the 50’s and it later closed in 1979 to become a roller rink and then a gymnastics studio.  After much debate, in 2008 the theater was restored, reopened, and is continuing to thrive.

The Pampered Pup

The Pampered Pup opened up in 1967 and later changed ownership in 1990 to Pak & Kit, an immigrant couple with an unstoppable work ethic.  Pak later got ill and passed away in 2013 where The Pampered Pup closed down for a bit for some renovations but still kept its authenticity and opened back up.

Train Station Signs

Alameda’s first train came into town in 1864 and the trains ended their journey at what became the naval air base in Alameda where ferries would dock.  Trains in Alameda ended up being more of an end of the line commuter service rather than a stop along one of the greatest railroad’s paths.  By 1911 however, Alameda had over 100 trains passing through every day that is until the transition from steam to electric came underway.  This was more environmentally ethical but put a strain on the railroad’s and eventually, passenger transportation came to a halt by WWII.  Freight trains continued through Alameda though until 1998 and now all that’s left are these monumental signs.

Of course, there are many more, but these are some of the oldest and just a few that if you see them, you know it’s Alameda.  For more information on how you can create your historical sign give us a call.

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