5 Ways to Use Signage in Auto Dealerships

JANUARY 18, 2022| SpeedPro East Bay

As an auto dealership owner, you know that there is a lot of competition. Most times your location is on a boulevard that is heavily saturated with other auto dealerships all competing for the same clientele. With so many choices for potential customers, why would they choose you?

This is where visibility is key and you’ll have to ensure that you grab their attention before even expecting them to walk through your doors. If you can’t entice them to make it that far, they’ll never get behind the wheel of one of your cars and drive off the lot. Properly designed and placed signage will help to keep customers engaged and curious. Here are a few ways you can tackle this obstacle head-on and make the most of your dealership signage.


What is digital signage? Digital signs are illuminated and bright which makes them easily readable whether driving or walking down the street. These can be used in various different ways. First, you can have a digital sign with just your company name and logo. You can also use these as opportunities to let people know about any promotions that you’re offering at the time. This can help to increase potential customers that would not have otherwise come in unless there was something really appealing.

One of the benefits of digital signage is that you can constantly change or modify the message. You can have “Happy Holidays” programmed in the Winter months, or you can create urgency with a message letting people know that your sale will be ending soon. This allows you to update your store hours or message colors easily without having to do any re-printing.

Digital signage doesn’t always have to be exterior, it can be used indoors as well. Digital kiosks or screens that are dispersed throughout the dealership can let wandering potential buyers know more information on a specific vehicle or notify them of any really outstanding specials. You can also post car maintenance suggestions as well as reminders for inspections.


The car buying process can be really overwhelming. Not only does it take a lot of time but there are so many car options. Because of this, simplifying the process in any way that you can helps to make the overall visit more pleasant. When a potential customer enters, they should be directed immediately to the showroom. During their visit, they may need to visit the restroom, the refreshments area if you have one, and hopefully the financing department if they’re ready to seal the deal.

Ways to clearly distinguish these areas are through wayfinding signage. Whether it’s a hanging sign over the restroom and specific offices, or standing signs that direct people throughout your dealership. Both of these options help to clearly communicate this. You can also use floor decals that help people make their way through the dealership and the overall car buying process. Starting with the showroom you can have footprints leading to customer service, then to where they can test drive, and so on. These clearly designed and visible signs will also help people to feel more at ease because it makes the whole process less stressful as they’ll know what to anticipate.


We all know the most popular times to embark on a car sale hunt are holidays weekends like Memorial Day or President’s Day. This is the time when your dealership is running the best promotions and will see an increase in traffic and hopefully sales. The best way to let people know that you’re having these are by using outdoor flags and banners.

Flags are a great way to line the lot of your dealership with announcements of a big sale. When designed properly with bright colors and bold words, these will help to attract eyes of passerby. A great tip to keep in mind is to not include the calendar year so that way you can reuse them year after year. Instead of putting “Memorial Day 2021,” just put “Memorial Day Sale.” Banners will also help to capture attention when placed directly at the storefront. A big and bold banner right over your entrance announcing the big sales will help people better decide what to shop for.


When it comes to what you want to accomplish with signage, the most important thing is to overall boost your brand. The more signage you have, the more it reinforces your name and your logo into people’s minds. That doesn’t mean that you want to get overly cheesy with it though. Signage should be high-end and consistent throughout the dealership. If you own a dealership that sells high-end luxury or sports cars, you’ll want to offer the most elegant and refined environment. Here, less will be more so make it sleek but eye-catching. Using subtle colors and more natural color palettes in your signage will look best.

If you own a dealership that is more focused on family and commuter cars, you’ll want to use graphics that appeal to these things. Keep in mind not only the images that are being used but also the color and the placement. At SpeedPro East Bay, we can help to review your current branding and signage to help keep things consistent or to start from scratch.


Since a serious buyer spends so many hours at a dealership, it’s great to have engaging things to look at rather than boring bland walls. Consider a wall mural that spans across the conference room where the deal is being made or maybe in the main showroom to really wow visitors. This helps to immerse customers into a new environment and it can also be a conversational piece that helps to break the ice. Another wall idea is to use a coloring wall mural where people can doodle on the wall to create one large masterpiece. This could also be great for people with children that are usually fussy during long waits like this. Both of these not only help with customer engagement but also with employees as well. Keeping employees productive and happy could start with something as simple as a wall mural that boosts the overall energy of the dealership.

You can also use window graphics to this same effect. Adding window graphics that face inward towards the dealership can also help to create a more exciting environment inside especially if you have floor to ceiling windows. You can also use window graphics to face outward toward the street and announce sales or promotions. For something more permanent, you can use graphics that can stay up all year round.


If you’re struggling to stand out from the competition or you’re just looking for an overall new look, look to the experts at SpeedPro East Bay to help. We can get you started with digital signage, wall murals, window graphics, or directional signage to increase customer’s experience with you. We can help you with the entire process from design to installation. If you’re ready to get started on your branding and graphics project, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or request a free consultation.

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