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As a small business Owner, these shelter-in place orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic can feel like what is the end of business. However, there are many essential businesses that are still open and the key is to grab the attention of people with specialty coronavirus signage to let them know that you’re still open.


Updating your website and continuing to be engaged in social media are super important during this time to stay relevant, however so is signage. This includes healthcare facility signage, curbside pick up signs, delivery vehicle magnets, banners, window signs and posters, and safe social distancing markers.

During these uncertain times, people aren’t sure how they should react, move when in public, or conduct business altogether, so you’ll want to offer informative signage with specific protocols that you have in place to take advantage of how you’re accommodating the shelter in place and safe social distancing orders.


Proper signage in healthcare facilities is essential to protect the well-being of patients and employees. We understand that things are moving quickly and your signage needs are a top priority for SpeedPro East Bay as you are essential and we are here to serve you.

Healthcare signage can help to improve the overall flow of traffic during a time that can be super chaotic at your healthcare facility. This includes clear and effective signage regarding parking, registration, lines, visiting restrictions, and more. You’ll want to have the most personalized and thoughtfully designed signs to maximize visibility and clarity.

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Some essential signage options include:

  • ADA signage and multilingual signage to apply to a broader audience
  • Signage for parking, floor markers for safe 6 foot social distancing while waiting in line, sanitizing stations,etc
  • Posters explaining symptoms, preventative methods, and extended respiratory precautions
  • Custom branded pop up tents that can be used for outdoor treatment stations
  • Drive through testing station signs
  • Temporary signage


Is your business still open but you want to prevent people from coming in the door to maintain social distancing? Curbside pick up is a great tactic that many businesses are using but not a lot of people know that it’s available or where to go where they arrive. Take advantage of this upper hand that you have and develop curbside pickup signs that inform customers where to go and what they need to do.


Have you taken your business on the road? Many restaurants are offering specialty delivery services as well as other essential businesses. If you don’t want to permanently alter the exterior of your vehicle, take advantage of delivery magnets and decals. These heavy duty custom printed magnets can stick to your door during the day while delivering. Then, when you want to separate yourself from work or when the shelter in place mandates are lifted, you can easily take them off.


The public is going to automatically assume that you’re shut down temporary or that you can’t conduct business as efficiently as before. Use large format banners to let them know that you are open. Your banners can announce promotions or simply just letting the public know that you are there for them.


Although we have to remain socially distant, people are still taking advantage of the ability to go for walks and ride bikes. Consider some window graphics or mounting posters to the exterior of your business to let people know that you’re open and encourage them to support local businesses like yours.

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Similar to the curbside pick up signs, other ways of business have changed as well. Use directional signage as well as social distancing markers to let people know where to go. These can be perfect for:

  • Relocation of certain products to accommodate safe social distancing
  • Notifications if you’re only allowing a certain number of one product to be purchased
  • New drop off or pick up windows
  • If you’re offering only one entry or exit way

Patience is shorter nowadays regardless of the situation but we’ve seen it escalate even more recently as a response to fear and anger. Help them feel comfortable and at ease with clear communication and easy to read signage.

If you are authorized as an essential critical infrastructure business, SpeedPro East Bay is authorized to support you. If you are not an authorized essential business, we are still happy to support you with our work-from-home team and one person in the studio only. From curbside pick up signs to safe social distancing markers, we are here to help with your large format printing needs. Contact us online or by phone at 510.662.0216 to learn more about how you can improve your visibility during this unpredictable time.

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