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JUNE 24, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay


Wall Murals

If you think that all we do is just simply print out a file and send you on your way then I’ll presume that’s why you haven’t come to us yet!  We don’t just press a button and print, we offer graphic design and guidance along the way as well.

Some people walk in the door without the slightest idea of what they want for their business and that’s okay because we specialize in helping you. DroneDeploy, a really cool drone company in San Francisco came to us with a bare wall pictured to the left and they wanted to cover it with graphics to make a really cool wall mural. They weren’t exactly sure which direction to go in but they had an idea and after discussing with them and taking all of their thoughts into consideration, our graphic designer got to doing what he does best.

He was then able to take his new design and virtually place it onto the wall so they could see what it would like if they had that installed, which is pictured below. The graphic designers time is very precious though (whose time isn’t?!)  We do charge by the hour but the result is worth it in the end.

They loved this design but after seeing a visual they then realized what they really wanted and it inspired a new idea.  Below is the picture of the finished product that they decided on and we printed and installed for them. It turned out to be a great experience especially when the client is as easy to work with as them!

Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with not only the end result but the process along the way.  If you’re not sure what you want, we want to inspire new ideas and get creative with what you’re doing.

Any graphic design needs you have, we’re you’re people!

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