Comfort and a welcoming environment are both very important factors for hotels.  Your guests should feel at home when they enter the doors and your graphics can convey that.  Your wayfinding signage should be visible and clear labeling room numbers, exits, stairways, the front desk, and all other areas.  Wall murals in hotel lobbies, hallways, and rooms will help to create warmth and trust that attracts business.  Our ability to recreate art can add to the aesthetic.  Custom printed glass, wood, metal and canvas prints can help to decorate any room or behind the front desk.  Floor graphics are also a great way to direct guests through your hotel.  Elevator wraps can help to welcome guests and also announce any promotions or events that may be happening at the hotel.


SpeedPro East Bay works directly with hotels to help get their message across.  If your hotel has a shuttle, consider wrapping it or adding graphics for easy identification.  Window graphics with seasonal designs or to help with privacy can be achieved through window vinyl.  Hotels used as event venues can get the maximum use of graphics.  Conferences and conventions use SpeedPro East Bay for entry way signs, feathered flags, backdrops, retractable banners and more.  From design to execution, we can help bring your marketing efforts to life.  If you have specific colors to match to keep consistency among your brand, we can help.  We take the time to sit down and collaborate with your marketing team to choose the best colors and materials.  Contact us today for your next hotel graphics project.

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