How to Improve Your Marketing with Emojis

JULY 10, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay

Get excited! World Emoji Day is coming up on July 17th, and we’ve got some tips on how to use emojis in your next marketing campaign!

For those of you who don’t know, emojis are pictures used as a replacement for text. Often they resemble facial features or other aspects of nature, such as fruits and vegetables. No matter what form they’re in, emojis are an excellent way to promote your business! Here are three reasons why using emojis with SpeedPro East Bay signage is an effective way to improve your marketing.



Research has shown that the human brain processes images 60,000x faster than text. That means much faster emotional association and brand recognition when using emojis instead of text. Put an emoji or two on your next car wrap from SpeedPro East Bay! Drivers will be quick to recognize your brand before focusing on the road ahead of them.



Around 92% of the online population uses emojis.  That’s a lot! Use that fact to your advantage. Most people who are exposed to your advertising will recognize an emoji and the emotion it conveys, so try using emojis frequently!



Be careful, however, to not overuse emojis in conveying your message. Seeing more than 8 emojis on a banner or a tent can cause problems with visibility and possibly distract customers from the message you are trying to convey. Plus, viewers will think of your advertisement as a “cheap” way to get their attention!

The time is now to start using emojis on your signage by SpeedPro East Bay.


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