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How to Use a Wall Mural to Tell Your Company Story

SEPTEMBER 8, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay


Wall Murals

We’ve all read about it in history books. Cavemen used to utilize walls in caves as a way to tell stories and communicate with each other. Today, we use this same methodology of telling stories on walls but now instead of using rocks, we can use state of the art print technology, high-quality materials, and vibrant colors to produce captivating walls murals.

Your story matters to your clients and employees and although the technology behind the wall mural concept has advanced, the concept behind telling an engaging story to your audience has not. Telling your story is one of the quickest and straight forward ways to build a relationship with your potential customers.


Adhesive vinyl wall murals help to create visual aids for viewers to showcase what your company is about. A wall mural doesn’t have to be limited to indoors either. You can create a whole life size wall mural on the exterior of your building as well. If you want to have impactful visual advertising without going for a direct sale, a wall mural is perfect for this.

Beautiful wall murals can be placed throughout the interior of your building whether on reception walls, conference rooms, or lobbies.


Your story is important and you should tell it with pride. This doesn’t mean that you need to include a full novel story in your wall mural to include every detail. Instead, incorporate strong and powerful images to convey this story to your audience visually.

If you’re considering a wall mural some things to start thinking about are fonts, text, images, and colors. You’ll want to be sure that it’s attractive to the eye so here are some ways that you can tell your company story:


Wall murals can be such an important component of your company culture. By including images of your staff during outings, team events, or even around the office, can show how your company culture is fun and dedicated to enhancing the office environment. The wall mural itself can also be an essential part of your company culture. Consider a “coloring book” wall mural where your employees can color directly on the wall and help to create a larger masterpiece as a team.


Your company history is what brought you to where you are today so it’s your special story that should be told. When people see your origin story, it helps create a sense of familiarity and understanding. People are genuinely interested in how you started and how you got from point A to point B. It’s a fun way to showcase how your company started with one or two people who just had a “crazy” idea, to owning locations across the country. This helps to spark inspiration in others as well.

Highlighting your company’s milestones is also another great idea to include in your wall mural. Marking the most monumental moments throughout the progress of your company such as the opening of its doors, the launch of major products or services, or the opening of new offices will help to make a successful timeline.


Recognizing the work of your employees not only contributes to the culture of your company but it also makes them feel valued. Celebrate and congratulate your top employees that contribute your companies success with wall mural images and messages dedicated to them. You can tell their stories of how they got to where they are and their loyalty to your company. After all, they are the reason that you are where you are. Not only will this make those particular staff members feel acknowledged but it gives the other employees something to strive for.


Highlighting your company’s values, vision, and mission statement allows newcomers and clients alike to understand who you are. This can be as simple as cut vinyl text with your mission statement written out on the wall. Or, it could be a wall mural illustrating how you’ve implemented your values within the company. For example, images of you and your office employees doing work in the community to explain your dedication to this. You can even share your vision with a wall mural that depicts where you see your company in the future. What are you goals and accomplishments that you want to reach and how do you plan to reach them?


Aside from everything else, a wall mural can put your company at the forefront. It will help to represent who you are, what you do, and what people should expect when working with you. You can share what products or services you offer through images that could spark an interest that they wouldn’t have otherwise had if they didn’t see it. This will help to understand your company’s purpose. It also increases recognition which could pay off in the long run. For example, we have two large wall murals in our studio. When people talk about our studio, they always mention the large wall murals in our space and that’s how we’re remembered. Help yourself stand out in others’ minds when they need products or services like yours.


SpeedPro East Bay will ensure that your company story is told the right way and told your way. We will take the time to understand what you want to convey and really listen to your story to offer feedback on what we think will be valuable to include. Our high-quality wall mural materials will be sure to last for years to come so you can be confident that it will impress throughout time. If you’re ready to get started on your wall mural project give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here to request a contact-free consultation.

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