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What is a media consultation with SpeedPro East Bay?

With all of the different types of media that we have to offer, how can you possibly choose just one? When it comes to a marketing person’s role, often the signage can become the last part of the process and we want to make this as seamless as possible. For that reason, learning all of the different aspects that go into signage creation (substrates, inks, plotters, etc) can be time-consuming and a pain. To make things easier for you, we offer a few stages of media consultation to help kick-off your project. These consultations include:

  • Pre-Press: File set up and layout
  • Graphic Design: File creation
  • Project Consultation: Learning what your goals are and understanding how we can meet them.

During the pre-press step, our production specialist will ensure that the colors in your design will sync up with our printers which involves in-house color management. Some printers convey colors differently and we aim to ensure that the colors in your signage will match your remaining branding. We also will check to make sure that it set in the correct format, sized correctly, and that it’s at a high enough resolution that will translate boldly to print. Next, we’ll create a digital proof for you to get confirmation that you’re happy with what the final product will look like. For larger projects where color is key, we will do sample color prints as well.

If you’re struggling with design concepts, SpeedPro East Bay can help with this. Create the ideal design for printing will require skill and an understanding of how the printing process works. Images will print differently based on materials, inks, and printers.

The final step which is project consultation involves 3 very important steps:


  • Project management: We can help you with organizing and running your project from start to finish.
  • Site surveys: SpeedPro experts are available to help you analyze the location(s) where your will be using your new signage and marketing materials.
  • Product recommendations: Based on your goals and results of the site survey, SpeedPro consultants will be able to give you great recommendations on what the best products may be for you to use in order to achieve your goals.

How else can media consultation help you?

A SpeedPro consultant will be able to suggest the most appropriate signage types for you to use based on a number of different factors, such as:

  • Budget— what do you have to spend vs. what do you need to spend?
  • Area, where signage will be placed/mounted — you can use different products on a wall vs. a floor or a window.
  • Available space — Some products look best in a wide-open area vs. more enclosed areas.
  • Your sign’s message — a specific appearance may be called for if you are creating directional and wayfinding signage vs. marketing signage.
  • Indoor/Outdoor — some substrates are better suited for exterior locations.
  • Weather conditions (if outdoor) — you will want high durability if there is a lot of rain.
  • Building location (if indoor) — some signage materials look best in a lobby vs. in a hallway.

While the above are suggestions that a consultant can help you with based on your overall needs, the results of your site survey will lead to a few other important insights that you can use to optimize the effectiveness of your signage. These observations can include:

  • Lighting— your signage needs to be well lit both for its location in your space and for the times of day in which you want it to be seen. This could mean situating it near natural light sources to take advantage of daylight or creating digital signage that is vibrant and noticeable at all times.
  • Contrast — contrast is what creates that “eye-catching” appearance in your sign’s design. Not only should the graphics on your signage take advantage of light/dark colors and complementary colors, but the sign itself should have an overarching design that helps it stand out from whatever background it is placed against.
  • Readability — the content of your sign needs to be sized properly so that it can be easily read and understood. Text that is too small may be too difficult to read at the distance where the message you want to get across is most effective, while text that is too large can distract from the message or make it impossible for someone to take in all at once.
  • Placement — every bit of signage that you plan on using has its own purpose, and a sign’s purpose is tied directly to the audience that you want to see it. Signs need to be situated correctly in order to be seen by your various intended audiences, whether that be foot traffic, drivers on a highway, or customers perusing the furnishings department that you want to advertise a footwear sale to.

SpeedPro’s consultants and large format printing experts are available along every step of your journey. Helping you deliver a successful media campaign is a measure of our success, and we take it very seriously. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us when you are ready to dive in.

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