Paint or print your wall mural?

Paint Or Print Your Wall Mural?

JULY 28, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay


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Making the decision of whether to paint or print your wall mural can be difficult when trying to distinguish the difference between the two. However, although there can be a lot of similarities, we hope that this will help you to understand why many companies have opted in for printed wall murals as opposed to painted.


A painted wall mural is exactly that. It’s hand-painted onto a wall whether interior or exterior and it requires a little more attention to detail as the process is all manual and hand-crafted. Printed wall murals, on the other hand, are designed by computer and then printed digitally using an adhesive wall film that can be applied directly to the wall.

Whether painted or printed, the wall mural can incorporate any images, text, colors, logos, etc. Wall murals are often used for extra branding or to increase awareness and because their application process is so different, it can make printed wall murals the more favorable option.


Regardless of if it’s printed or painted, wall murals can be a super effective form of advertising. Since they both serve the same purpose, it’s important to break down how they’re similar and where they’re different. Here are the top similarities between paint and print.


If you want to really capture the attention of people, a wall mural painted or printed will do exactly that. It can dramatically help to improve the look of your building from the interior or exterior. If it’s inside, you can enhance the space by using an accent wall with a popping image or add a little branding with your logo. When placed on the exterior, it can attract people to your building that wouldn’t have normally noticed and gives you the upper hand to stand out against the other dull-looking buildings. It could also become a photo opportunity for pedestrians and visitors if designed in the perfect spot.


Your brand is your business personality and without this, you blend in with everyone else. Adding that personal touch of a printed or painted wall mural gives you the advantage over other brands in that yours makes a statement. You could customize it with your brand-specific colors or messaging to share with visitors who you really are and what your company is all about. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of white walls or dull colors. Do something that makes you memorable.


Boring walls and spaces are a drag. Give your employees a fun environment to work in with 3-dimensional visuals that take them “away” for a bit. Immerse clients in a whole new experience and an interactive environment when they visit. From landscape images of beaches or forests to modern styles and patterns, the options are endless. Painted and printed both help to achieve an outstanding look that will up the aesthetics.


As you may have noticed, painted and printed wall murals share many similarities when it comes to the advantages. However, printed wall murals have many benefits that will give them the upper hand over painted options. Here are a few:


When painting a wall mural, the time is a lot longer. It can take anywhere from a few days to weeks provided the size of the mural and the detail. If you’re covering the entire side of a building, you could be looking at quite a bit of time. Not only does the painting process take a while but you also have to account for the time to allow it to dry properly. Depending on the size of your space, you may not have the ability to section off a whole area for days or weeks to dedicate to painting a wall mural.

On the other hand, printed wall murals offer a very fast installation process without the mess. The wall mural will come in printed panels with adhesive backings that can apply directly to the wall. Just peel off the backer sheet and apply the panel. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day depending on the size but there is no dry time or need to avoid the area after.


When it comes to a painted wall mural, you’ll probably be shelling out quite a bit of money to make sure the end product is not only high-quality but also that you have an experienced artist. Typically, they’ll work on an hourly rate from the design to the finished product and if you need to repaint damaged sections in the future, that could cost more.

Wall murals, however, offer lower costs. The design process is a lot cheaper especially if you use a high-quality stock image that is already designed. Our digital software allows us to design more efficiently and it cuts out the cost of extensive time. Also, since the installation process is much easier, the overall install cost will be lower.


Painted wall murals can be difficult to replace. You’ll not only have to hire a painter to cover the previous wall mural but you’ll have to hire a new designer to create the look you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to replace or rebrand quickly, this won’t be an option.

Printed wall murals are able to easily be removed and then replaced in the same day. Printed wall murals are perfect for branding that changes often whether it’s advertising, revamping for an event, or just tired of the way it looks after a while, you can remove and replace with our specialty wall films.


SpeedPro East Bay has designed, printed, and installed dozens of wall murals to interior and exterior surfaces. If you’re ready to get started on your next printed wall mural, SpeedPro East Bay is up for the challenge. Give us a call at 510.974.7369 or schedule a consultation today.

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