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Prevent Fall Weather From Destroying Outdoor Signage

OCTOBER 11, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay


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With fall here and sunny, warm weather slowly fading away, here are some helpful hints on how to keep your outdoor signage safe from the weather to come.

Placement Is Key



Finding a nice spot for an outdoor sign is critical to extend its lifespan. Here in California where the sunny is shining more often than not, finding a shady spot can preserve the sign’s colors and textures. If the sun is beating down and the temperature rises, you can say goodbye to a fresh faced sign. Keeping it in a cool area will be a sure fire way to prevent it from deteriorating. Make sure to note the damage that can be caused from placing it under old trees. If there is strong wind or heavy rainfall that causes a limb to break, your sign could be at risk of breaking that fall. Avoid this by choosing a more stable place to install your sign.

Stationary vs. Mobile

If you know that there is never going to be destructive weather running its course in your area, a stable sign is the way to go. Don’t be lax when choosing how to install it though. It is important to invest in mounting your sign deep into the ground with heavy posts and filling it with concrete to finalize the foundation. If you do experience heavy weather, maybe a portable sign is the way to go. Being able to adjust to the ever changing weather may save you time and money just by giving you the ability to bring your sign inside when the rain, snow, or hail comes.

Make It Safe & Use Top Quality Material

Using a professional installer to determine the best guidelines on mounting height, equipment and support is not only required, but also a safety precaution. Not meeting these standards can cause harm to your building, staff, or customers if extreme weather were to loosen or shake the sign. It is important to have the best materials that can withstand the weather as well. Having to retouch or replace a sign due to lose of color and chipping will be a yearly chore. Keep signs vibrant and eye-catching for the duration of its display.

Take time to apply these factors when choosing the best spot for your outdoor sign and avoiding Mother Nature’s unpredictable path. Make sure to get the best quality signage as well. Here at SpeedPro East Bay, we make top quality outdoor signage proven to stand the cold, fall weather Northern California experiences around this time of year and on. Stay up to date on this issue and give us a call (510) 974- 7369 or shoot us an email at to find the best sign for you and your company.

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