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Standing Out at a Tradeshow

FEBRUARY 3, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay

Tradeshow season is upon us which means bring out the retractables, brochures, and swag.  But if everyone has the same idea, how are you going to stand out?  Well, here are a few ideas.

Attract attention with a back wall

Anyone can set up a booth with a table and a table cover but if you want to really leave an impression, then invest in a great display.  This back wall for Juvo is sure to attract people to their booth and raise questions.  It has color, quality, and a great image.  You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with words.  Keep it concise and let them come to you to get the information that they’re looking for.

Banner displayed on the floor

Give more visuals

This is where your retractable banner stands come in.  These are affordable and easy solutions to dress up your booth.  The retractables should have a little more information than your back wall but you still want to keep it very brief and to the point.  Overwhelming the passerby will keep them doing exactly that…passing by.  If your logo and color scheme doesn’t allow for much variety, then use images to make up for it.

Add the accessories

The accessories to your booth are the things like your table throw, brochures, and other swag.  These are the add-ons that bring everything together.  When it comes to your brochure, this is where you can put as much information as you want.  If you’ve gotten them to come this close to your booth, then obviously they’re interested in what you have to offer and are more open to the information.  Your swag is also very important to pay attention to when it comes to the detail.  These promotional items are the things that most often get thrown out or forgotten about.  Your goal typically is to stand out so that they’ll remember you, so don’t give a pen that’ll end up lost or a frisbee that no one will use!  Give them something useful that they’ll use daily like a USB drive or a charging device with your logo on it.

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