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AUGUST 30, 2022| dominicb


Window Graphics

When people hear “printing,” they might think of posters or banners. But don’t forget about glass. With the ability to print on any surface, SpeedPro East Bay knows all the ways you can bring imagery to glass and the latest technology and products available.


Glass printing can transform an infinite number of settings, including offices, hotels, retail, restaurant, museum, and other environments. What are some of the main benefits?

  • Improve overall aesthetics
  • Create levels of privacy
  • Enhance branding
  • Refresh without a remodel (an inexpensive option for seasonal graphics and rebrands)


Specifically for exterior window graphics, you can:

  • Reduce glare and eye strain
  • Prevent fading of interior furnishings
  • Discourage graffiti
  • Protect against window breakage (and warn incoming birds)


There are different ways to apply graphics on glass and SpeedPro East Bay can come onsite and help you to determine what’s best for you, from design through the application. We use high-quality 3M products which incorporate several layers including a scratch-resistant protective coating. From a range of opaque-to-translucent choices and finishes like frosted, dusted, or textured, we customize the film we print on to your needs.


Turn a conference room window into modern art:


Create “stained glass” for a fraction of the cost (this project was for the John Wayne Experience in Ft. Worth):


Use window imagery to fully take advantage of your brand real estate, whether outside or inside:


Add color and aesthetics to otherwise blank spaces, aiding in mood enhancement and brain stimulation:


Bring a dynamic sense of movement, color and vibrancy to workspaces:


Engage viewer curiosity and promote a social media campaign:


Another significant benefit of exterior glass graphics is the impact on the windows themselves. From straight-ahead tinting to the most imaginative imagery, window film can block sun exposure, increase comfort for workers and reduce energy bills, even helping businesses become LEED-certified, the environmental gold standard for building design, operation, and maintenance.


So look around your environment. How full is your glass?

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