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JUNE 17, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay



Directional signage is vital to every business and helps pinpoint people to a specific location.

Indoor and outdoor directional signage can be effective for:

-Control of traffic flow like in the picture above

-ADA, Restroom, Exit signs

-Office directories

-Promote an Open House or lead to a special event

..and more.

Banner displayed on the floor

The key here is to keep fresh directional signage.  You don’t want to have dirty, old, beat up signage leading somewhere unless you want no one to show up!  Your signs should be large enough for people to read, have easy to read directional cues, and of course be bright and appealing to the eye.

I’ve talked about Mosley’s Cafe before whose signs are pictured on the right.  It’s a cafe hidden at the end of the Marina and most people wouldn’t even know it was there or how to find it if it wasn’t for signs leading along the way to their location.

These signs can be made on many different substrates like:

-Aluminum                             -Wood/MDO                     -Acrylic

-Coroplast                               -PVC                                    -Foamcore

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