Window Graphics

Window Graphics

When creating window graphics, SpeedPro in San Francisco’s East Bay wants to help you take your display graphics to a new level. Window graphics are the first thing people see before they enter your place of business so they can be a critical element to a company’s branding. Fortunately, we have many options to choose from.


SpeedPro offers multiple options and products for window graphics. Choose from frosted window graphics, window perf, and window clings that are single or double-sided. Every window graphic we make is fully customized to fit your needs. Choose from large impact graphics that cover an entire window, smaller scale graphics, or vinyl lettering.

Frosted window vinyl: This material is best used for offices to maintain privacy or in storefronts with large windows to prevent a passerby from being able to see directly in.

Window Perf: Window perforation (window perf) consists of a bunch of small holes throughout the entirety that from a distance are nearly impossible to notice. The idea of this is to print and apply this material to the window so that from the outside you see a printed image but from the inside, you can still see out. Typically you will find this on bus/ car windows to maintain visibility or on windows that have high sun exposure.

Window clings: This is a more affordable option and best for temporary use. We can either print directly to the clear material or we can laminate the back with white to prevent any light from shining through it.

Window vinyl: Our high-quality vinyl can be used as just simple lettering with your logo or can be printed to cover the entire window. Keep in mind, if you cover your entire window with vinyl you will not be able to see directly out like with the window perf.


One of the first questions SpeedPro East Bay always asks is this: 1st Surface (outside looking out) or 2nd Surface (inside looking out)? We have solutions for both, but sometimes we’ve found that this basic issue is overlooked by other providers. Whether it is a short-term cling or a permanent decal, we give answers to questions before you even have them.


SpeedPro in San Francisco’s East Bay spends time with every client to learn all the important details of a company’s marketing needs. From here, our team offers suggestions for creating a window graphic that fits your needs and budget. As needed, we have installation services as well.


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