Yard Signs

Yard Signs


This is no new invention and you’ve likely seen them on city streets or in front of businesses – yard signs also known as lawn signs. However, previously yard signs have been thought of to be bland forms of marketing. They marked homes for sale or a home that supports a specific candidate or measure. Now, you can turn a lawn sign into a completely transformed and vibrant sign for any occasion. At SpeedPro East Bay, yard signs are a special way to promote anything that you’d like. From announcements and celebrations to grand openings and charitable events. The sky is the limit.

We can help you create your yard signage with our advanced technology and printing equipment. We also use some of the best materials to make your yard signs long lasting and one-of-a-kind. Regardless of what your signage project is, we’ll provide guidance and help with personalized designs to not only meet your specifications but also convey your message in a way that truly stands out.


Maximize your messaging potential while adding a personal touch to your communication method with signs from SpeedPro East Bay. Lawn signs can be simple, and they really are, but they can be such a versatile method to broadcast an event or brand. They are even super effective in providing detailed information such directions, contact information, and more.

Creating a captivating design is essential to having a great sign, however, the quality of the sign is just as important. Our corrugated plastic material is available for these types of signs and it’s very durable. It has flute channels that allow for a stake to be easily inserted and then placed in the ground. Our UV printing method allows for custom colors, shapes, and sizes for any occasion. Our printing also offers weatherproof and fade resistant signage that will last for years to come.

Understanding that right type of product, material, and design solution can be complicated if you’re not familiar. That is why our expert designers are here to help simplify the process.


With lawn signs, you’re creating visibility every day with people walking past and others driving by. Get creative with your signs and don’t just box yourself in to where you think it would be useful. Here are several ways that you can use these types of signs:

  • CELEBRATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: Want to congratulate someone on a big accomplishment? Or maybe give them a special birthday shout out in a unique way? This is the perfect opportunity by creating a lawn sign that you can display right in front of their house for everyone to see.
  • GRAND OPENINGS: Not only is this a great way to promote a grand opening but it can also be used as a way to direct people to your opening.
  • SALES AND PROMOTIONS: Let people know if you’re having a big blowout sale by lining the block with signs to inform them.
  • BUSINESS AWARENESS: Simply let people know you’re here with a sign right out front your business. It may just be a small sign but people walking by may not have noticed without seeing it.
  • REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITIES: These are perfect for putting out front a house for sale with the necessary contact information.
  • SUPPORT POLITICAL CANDIDATES: Let people know who you’re supporting with a simple sign.

If you’re ready to get started on your next yard sign project, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or contact us here.

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