ADA Signage

ADA Signage

ADA Signage in Philadelphia

In today’s world, making sure offices and buildings are accessible to everyone is critical. It will raise the spirit of your employees, customers will feel welcome and more inclined to come back, and your company’s name will be in a respectable light.

SpeedPro can help you transform your office and building in plenty of ways. We can create ADA building signage for outdoor and indoor purposes. We can also customize braille signs to add to your location on directional and informational signs.

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Let’s Start With the Outdoors

Ensuring everyone can get into your building is the first step. We can customize ADA signs for parking spaces in your lot. These include not just handicap parking but also, depending on your business and industry, expectant mother parking and spots for children with disabilities.

As customers get closer to the building, they’ll want more directional signage. Installing braille signs that indicate where customers should enter will minimize confusion. If the main entrance has stairs, installing a sign that informs people of a wheelchair-accessible entrance around the side is extremely helpful.

If you’re looking to install “no smoking” areas around your building, we can customize ADA and braille signs so that customers are aware of policies before even entering your office.

Finding Your Way Inside

There are so many types of signage that can be found inside a building, and nearly all of them can become ADA signs as well. Let our studio know your needs and specifications, and we’ll ensure your signs are custom-made and installed in a quick turnaround time.

Wayfinding ADA Signage

Some of the most important signs in your office will be directional. Including braille on signs for the bathroom, exit, reception area, waiting room and more can help direct and move visually impaired people. In addition, depending on your type of business, you can create a directory located at the front desk written in braille so that people know where to go and who to speak to.

Unisex Bathroom Signs

More common and modern ADA signs that are being used in buildings now are unisex, all-accessible bathroom signs. Dividing men and women into two rooms or leaving only one wheelchair-accessible stall is becoming a thing of the past. Offering two or three bathrooms for anyone and everyone allows customers to feel comfortable in their environment and trust your business.

Digital ADA Signage

SpeedPro Eastern PA will also work with you to complement your digital signage. If you’ve installed monitors or screens around the office, especially in the waiting room, they can be used to help anyone who is hard of hearing. If announcements or updates are being made via an intercom or from a receptionist, including captions on a digital screen will allow hard of hearing individuals understand what’s happening.

How SpeedPro Eastern PA Can Help With Your ADA Signage Needs

We want to assist your business in creating ADA building signage to provide a more comfortable experience for every one of your customers.

We pride ourselves on creating large format graphics with big, bold images. We can translate your message with your brand to everyone who enters your building.

If your business is located in Southern New Jersey or Philadelphia and Bucks counties, SpeedPro Eastern PA is the match for you. Call us today to set up a direct one-on-one consultation to discuss your business needs and brand!

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