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You may be stressing about an upcoming corporate event that you’ve been asked to organize. Maybe you’ve never run one before or even attended one. Perhaps you’re worried that people won’t enjoy themselves because of the professional nature. Well, let us assure you that corporate events are made to be professional and fun — and SpeedPro can assist you in making that happen!

There’s so much more to a corporate event than the main presentations. Think about any other event you’ve attended. What contributed to your overall experience? You probably remember the smell of the various concessions stands. You remember the adventure in finding your seat. You also recall the excitement that occurred outside and before the event, how people were having fun before the main act even appeared.

You can bring this same excitement and eagerness to your own event with custom event graphics. If your business is located in southern New Jersey or in Philadelphia or Berks counties, our studio is ready for you. Let’s get started!

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Set Your Event With Stylish Corporate Event Graphics

There’s an endless number of options available for you as you begin the design process for your corporate event. You’ll want to create a display and atmosphere that is welcoming, entertaining and informational. Some of our graphic designs for events include:

A successful corporate event will use vibrant graphics to focus on both entertaining aspects and areas your brand can shine.

Most Popular Signage Options for Events

Banners are a great visual for both inside and outside your event. Outdoors, they can help bring in interest and conversation about your event as well as draw people inside. You can string a banner across the width of a street or hang rectangular banners from light posts around town, giving you the perfect opportunity to advertise and promote your event to a large community.

Inside, your banners can help direct your attendees’ attention to specific areas in the venue. Including vivid and bright banners around the ceiling will direct the eye up and around, prompting your guests to explore and get involved with every element of the occasion.

Perhaps the most important element of your event graphics will be the directional signage you include around your venue. In fact, your directional signage will begin outside in the parking lot. Guiding guests through the large and sometimes confusing parking area and into your location without any stress will be a great start for a long day ahead. Once inside, your guests will appreciate knowing where to sign in, where presentations are being held and where the bathrooms are. They’ll love the concise directions!

Graphic Design for Events That Gets People Involved

No matter how experienced you are with corporate events, SpeedPro is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll work directly with you to understand what elements of your brand you want to emphasize throughout as well as the best way to capture your guests’ attention. Contact us today, and we’ll begin with a consultation appointment!

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