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Custom business banners can creatively and boldly catch the attention of people walking near your business. Crisp and vivid inks, combined with large graphics, can effectively make your business stand out from the other buildings and companies surrounding you. Even more exciting is the durability of your banners, keeping you visible to all the potential customers walking by.

If your business or organization is located in Eden Prairie and the surrounding areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, reach out to us today! We’ll work directly with you to create some amazing and stunning business banners.

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Durable and Versatile Business Banners

At SpeedPro, we focus our attention on the quality of our products. With vinyl, we can customize banners that ensure durability and integrity. The thicker vinyl material provides the chance for banners to withstand environmental conditions without more than normal wear and tear. Fade-resistant inks can also enhance the look of our banners and add to their durable nature.

Our vinyl banners also show off the versatile characteristics we value so much. SpeedPro Eden Prairie customizes banners to your liking in a way that also allows each banner to be displayed in different settings for the best visibility.

For example, retractable banners sit perfectly at eye-level. You can keep one on display at reception, use it to prop open a door to invite guests inside your building or create the perfect look at trade show displays. Hanging banners can also be moved from location to location, hanging outside off of an event tent or inside your conference room.

With the perfect combination of durability and visibility, your business banners will create lasting impacts for new and old customers.

Attractively Displaying Custom Banners

Showing off your branded banners may seem difficult, but our studio provides options that can be tailored for you. Choose from a variety of banner types that fit your specific needs, including scrim, blackout, smooth and mesh.

Scrim banners are our most popular type because of their lightweight, thin appearance. You can use them for both one-time uses and as recurring temporary banners. For example, scrim banners are perfect for trade shows where they can be displayed for one event, then packaged away and brought out for the next show.

Blackout banners are ideal for outdoor settings. The blackout banner is made with a barrier installed, blocking out intense sunlight and harsh artificial lighting. Create a double-sided banner for your sidewalk display, and don’t fret about any problems reading either side because of sun glares! A blackout banner will ensure the readability of your piece, even exposed to bright lights.

Customized Banner Printing in Eden Prairie

Spread the word about your office clearly and boldly with our range of custom exterior business signage. Call our studio today, and we’ll make sure to set up a consultation with you and our design team. Let’s get designing!


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