Event graphics: Table coverings

Event graphics: <span>Table coverings</span>

Table coverings are also sometimes called table-toppers and they take the place of fabric or plastic tablecloths. Table coverings both protect business tables while also providing an excellent advertising opportunity. Tabletop ads work most effectively at casual establishments, but they can be used in diverse locations. Table throws drape the sides of tables. In contrast, fitted table coverings have straight sides and sharp edges. Fitted table coverings are made to fit standard 8-foot, 6-foot, and 4-foot demo tables. If you enjoy the look of clean lines fitted table covers are the choice for you. When participating in an outdoor event, SpeedPro has a fitted table cover for that as well. Instead of the normal polyester table covering outdoor options are made from water-resistant canvas and are made to fit standard 6- and 8-foot tables.

Custom printed table coverings are easy to store and transport. They can be used for outdoor patio tables and stored for the winter or during inclement weather. It is easy to participate in local food festivals and tradeshows when you bring your table-toppers with you. Most of the table covering material is lightweight and foldable, making them versatile for storage or travel.

When attending a trade show or convention your booth is likely to have at least one table. Use the table to display literature about your brand, sign up new clients and make sales. Table coverings and table toppers facilitate your goals and provide visitors with your company information. Table coverings and toppers create a unified appearance to any trade show booth and increase the visual appeal of your display.

a table covering banner designed for the training station company
Black Bull table cover

Custom event table coverings are tablecloths personalized with custom graphics for events. Custom colors are available so you can choose one that fits the color scheme of the event or your brand. Table covers are great to have in stock for any company event, trade show, convention or meet and greet. Custom branded table coverings make your display more visually striking and help promote your brand in a professional manner. SpeedPro table coverings are made from machine-washable polyester that is wrinkle-resistant.

While tablecloths in homes have pleasant colors and patterns, custom table coverings for business use add an extra dose of professionalism to any event display. Booth space at tradeshows and street fairs are easily enhanced by draping a custom tablecloth over the table to give a polished look to your display which lets attendees know what company you represent. We recommend you include special table coverings with your logo or in your brand’s colors.

Custom branded table coverings are great for companies that use tables in their day-to-day business as well. Restaurants, bars and any establishment that includes sitting down and serving refreshments will benefit from table coverings and table toppers that brand the organization. Table coverings are also great for press conferences where a statement or panel discussion is held behind a table. No one wants to stare at someone’s knees while they talk into a microphone, so a branded table skirt or table covering is ideal to improve the look of the video. Custom banners and backdrops often get the most attention at press conferences as they are crucial to an attractive display. With your speakers sitting behind them, attractive table coverings tie together the entire affair when paired with complementary backdrops. Why opt for a boring plain table cover when you make your press conference exciting with professionally designed graphics on a custom table covering?

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